Temple Maintenance: A new year, a new you

Praise the Lord Saints.

Since we all know we have broken every nutrition goal we calmed we were going to follow and added more weight than we thought we were going to add, here’s a good start to getting back to our normal self.

I know there are many different ones out there but this one is very basic, complete and yet effective.  Also my great grandfather was 100 percent Seneca and a chief and I can remember his health was incredible.

Good Luck.

The Seneca Indian Cleansing Diet

This diet has different cleansing effects:

Day one cleanses the colon.

Day two toxins are released along with excess salts and calcium deposits.

Day three the digestive tract is supplied with mineral-rich fiber.

Day four the blood, lymphatic system and other organs are nourished with minerals.

Day one – Eat only fruits and their juices. Choose from apples, pears, berries, melons, peaches and cherries.

Day two – Drink herbal teas all day. Choose from any flavor.

Day three – Eat veggies all day. Eat them raw, steamed or cooked in a soup.

Day four – Make a large pot of veggie broth. Use cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, parsley, green pepper, onion, garlic or any other veggie. Season with Mrs. Dash and drink this all day.

Till next week,

God Bless.

Dr. Rob

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