The Flowers Girls & Butterflies youth program orientation

The Gathering of Women, Inc. will kick off the second season of the Flower Girls and Butterflies youth program, Sat., Sept. 19 from 10 to noon at Childs Park YMCA, 691 43rd St. S.

The orientation is for parents and the Flowers Girls ages 5-11 and Butterflies ages 12-17. The youth program will start Sat., Oct. 10 and end April 30, 2016.

During the program, the girls will be engaged in etiquette, community involvement, health, merit, praise dancing, the arts and sisterhood. They will explore and share their hopes and dreams through creative projects, journaling, group presentations and team building exercises.

For additional information and registration, please contact Samantha at (727) 433-1352 or email

The Flower Girls & Butterflies youth program is sponsored by The Gathering of Women, Inc.

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