Why buy local?

By Dexter McCree, Feature Writer

Interesting enough, local businesses and the greater community have the same objectives in mind, which is to get the best product and pay the least for it. It’s a simple business principle wrapped up in the profit margins of supply and demand. In a few days store isles will be lined with zealous shoppers searching for bargains and as many at their computers ordering on line. You will get the product and maybe at an eye-popping price. But will you build a give and exchange relationship with the possibility of being a part of building a dream? Oh! That’s reserved for local businesses. The community is strengthened through local businesses and local businesses help to support the community. It’s an admirable relationship. Here are a few thoughts of  “why buy local?”

Ginny Cannon, featuredGinny Cannon, IPA Health Insurance

“We want to keep it local so that we can keep the business in the community and so that people are understanding the type of product that they’re really getting.”

Brian Kennedy, featuredBrian Kennedy, Applied Thermal Heating & Air

“The reason that you want to keep your business local is so that the dollars stay within the immediate community. Secondly, you can trust the local guy because he is not going to mess you over since you are right around the corner.”

Sophine Wade, featuredSophine Wade, Sophine’s Sweet Tooth

“I favor supporting small businesses in the community because they have put their all into their dream. Buying local means no preservatives. It’s fresh because it’s not going to sit on a shelf. Give back to your community and local business so that they can give back to you.”

Barbara Van Camp, featuredBarbara Van Camp, (sharing her experience)

“I hired a local electrician to do work at my home. It was his part-time job but he had a desire to do it full time.  I learned that he was looking to hire and train helpers. He hired my son part time. The business expanded and he became my son’s business mentor. The experience has been a career builder in so many ways.”

Bruce Gilbert, featuredBruce Gilbert, Expressive Window Fashions

“I believe in keeping it local, and I believe in selling American products. I believe local businesses help each other as well as help the community. It gives us all a living wage and we can spread the wealth. Locally we can often get the products quicker and give better customer service. If there are repairs needed, local businesses can service you with great quality.”

Allen Wade, featuredAllen Renard Wade, DJ Big Play

“The reason to support local business is because you want to make sure to keep the money flowing in town with the local person. Especially, when they have a good product and rapport with the community. You want to try to keep the positivity inside our community.”

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