Worship with your hands – Part 3 (Waving)


Worshipping with our hands has meaning. The clapping of hands symbolizes bringing things together in our lives. Opening our hands is a posture for prayer to signify that we are open and receptive to our good in whatever forms that it manifests. In addition to clapping and opening our hands, we can also worship by waving our hands.

The wave offering was one of sacrifices of the Old Testament, which symbolized movement toward God’s perfect will and plan. Today, the purpose of waving our hands in the worship experience is to wave away negativity.  We have the power in our hands. We can wave away any negative thoughts, words, actions and feelings just by waving our hands.

We have the power to change the atmosphere in our homes and schools from negative to positive by waving our hands. Waving our hands can also change the climate on our jobs and in our communities from destructive to productive.  Instead of waving our hands out of religious ritual, let us wave our hands on purpose.

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