You already know!


God is Omniscience. Omniscience means all sight, all knowledge, all wisdom and all understanding. God is all the sight and perspective there is. There is no sight or perspective apart from God. God is all the knowledge there is. There is no knowledge outside of God. God is all the wisdom there is. There is no wisdom outside of God (James 1:5). God is all the understanding there is. There is no understanding outside of God.

God is all intelligence in all subject matters that we have identified, studied, labeled or will ever discover. God is science, technology, philosophy, anthropology, mathematics, engineering, arts, music, theology, psychology, sociology, communication, archeology, numerology, astrology, geography, etc.

Knowledge is information. Wisdom is the application of our knowledge.

Understanding is the transformation that takes place as a result of integrating and sharing wisdom. As we are in tuned to the God within all wisdom, knowledge and understanding is available to us right here and right now.

I have removed the phrase, “I don’t know” from my vocabulary because the truth is that I know all things (I John 2:27).  Saying, “I don’t know” invalidates the God within me. Instead I say, “It is not clear to me in this moment” or “I have not taken the time to know” because when I AM still, all things are clear and I know (Psalms 46:10). I have been saying “I don’t know” for over 40 years so when I slip up and say it, I autocorrect. Try deleting “I don’t know” from your speech for a day or a week.  Replace it with those other phrases and see how you feel because the truth is “you already know.”

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