Happy 50th Birthday Cleo C. Coney, Jr.

Cleo C. Coney, Jr.


We cannot believe that 50 years ago in the state of New Mexico a charming sweet little soul known as our son, baby brother and uncle was born. And now Cleo is eligible for AARP membership. Where did the time go? We placed the rocking chair out on the porch for you, got the 50+ vitamins and a few other “I’m getting old” paraphernalia to help you celebrate the BIG FIVE-OH. How about we take a stroll down Cleo’s Memory Lane – Remember . . . ?

Remember your first horseback ride in New Mexico? Not sure you ever grew into the Stetson.

Cleo Coney

Remember your first suits? The early suits led to a modeling career in later years.

Cleo Coney

Remember your modeling career? How the hair changed with the times.

Cleo Coney

Remember going from the prom to college to your TV career working with the Murphy in the Morning show? Did you keep that prom shirt?

Cleo Coney

Remember skateboarding? It is still a big part of your life as owner/president of Coping Block & the Coping Block Skate Magazine. Remember when you and the St. Pete friends built the skateboard ramp in the back yard; when you competed in Hawaii; when you authored the book Push, Carve, Grind!; and when you were inducted into the Skateboard Hall of fame?

Cleo Coney

There is so much more for example your radio career; sales and marketing career; volunteering in the school system presenting writing skills and motivational programs to young students; and community work. Your family is proud of you, love you and wish you a wonderful 50th birthday and a loving, peaceful, prosperous year and many more birthdays to come.

Cleo Coney

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