7 Frozen Treats to Make it Through the End of Summer

As sweltering summer temperatures reach their final peak, it seems we’re all pining for a little chill. From frozen pops on sticks and shaved ice to ice cream sandwiches and smoothies, try these frozen, tasty treats, while you can still enjoy them in the sun.

Raspberry Cheesecake Pops

  1. Raspberry Cheesecake Pops – Rich cream cheese and fresh raspberries combine to make a delicious frozen treat, reminiscent of a decadent slice of raspberry cheesecake.

No-Bake Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich

  1. No-Bake Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich – Are you a cookie dough lover? Instead of using baked chocolate chip cookies to sandwich ice cream, this frozen treat is prepared with egg-free, peanut butter-based chocolate chip cookie dough.

Orange Cream Pops

  1. Orange Cream Pops – Bring that nostalgic, sweet and fruity ice cream truck flavor to life in your own kitchen.

Watermelon and Tomato Water Pops

  1. Watermelon and Tomato Water PopsRefreshing watermelon and tomato flavors with a hint of cayenne pepper make this sweet and savory frozen pop a super refreshing snack.

Easy Fruity Shaved Ice

  1. Easy Fruity Shaved Ice – Color and flavor your homemade simple syrup to create fun frosty treats, perfect for beating the summer heat.

Lemon Pie Pops

  1. Lemon Pie Pops – No need to turn on the oven to enjoy the sweet, citrusy flavor of lemon pie. A shortbread cookie finish helps evoke that perfect pie essence.

Frozen Fruit Pops

  1. Frozen Fruit Pops – Start with a base of simple syrup, then blend with desired fruit and flavor. Freeze into pops or ice cubes, and enjoy cubes with iced tea, lemonade or sparkling water.

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