Caring for the Soul

By Vikki T. Gaskin-Butler, M.Div., Ph.D.

Just over a week ago, approximately one-half of citizens who voted elected Mr. Donald Trump for President of the United States of America.  Whether you voted for him is inconsequential at this time. He is now the elected leader of our country.  Some of you are elated about what his presidency will bring.  Some of you are concerned about what his presidency means for you and yours.

I encourage each of you to consider the bigger picture.  In the infiniteness of God, what does a Trump presidency mean?  Each of us will answer this in our own way.  We will all have to figure out what place the next four years has in eternity. My guess is these next four years are but a small portion of eternity.

Therefore, whether you voted for Mr. Trump or another candidate, we will all have four years to determine what kind of president he will be.  I encourage each of us to consider that one candidate or another does not determine our eternal presence.  Rather our eternal spirit is guided by values of humility, grace, peace, joy, love and other qualities that will not change because of who is in the White House.  Did we change our values over the last 8 – 12 plus years? I doubt it.  So don’t change now.

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