Devil in a dress, Satan in a suit


Praise the Lord for truly the Lord is worthy to be praised. Just thinking about the goodness of Jesus makes me want to rejoice and shout, “Thank God for saving me!” Once again I say to you dear reader, “What a great and powerful God we serve!”

As my husband has repeatedly stated over the years and in sermons, many people carry on and cut up like the biggest devils the world has ever seen when they are in the fires and storms of life. Their countenance, character and the way they converse are just dreadful, distasteful, & downright despicable. With such behaviors, God is not pleased.

Instead of a halo, an angelic glow, a godly persona and living like a friend of God, it’s like they have horns growing out of their head, pitchfork in hand, a forked tail sticking from their backside and they are parading around like Satan is their pal.

The question you must ask yourself are “What are you wearing? Are you sporting a halo or is your head decorated with horns? Are you clothes in righteousness or cloaked in sin? Here’s another question worth considering “Does your public outfit (in church) match the one you put on when you are behind closed doors (in your home)?”

If you want to know what areas in your life need deliverance, watch your actions when your back is against the wall, when you are suffering, when things are not going your way, when you are in the fire of life. Here’s why. Without the Holy Spirit and His power and presence in your life, old habits will come out of hiding when troubles hits your door.

The truth of the matter is, if you are not led by the Holy Spirit and clothed in righteousness, the trials of life can make you act unseemly, unwisely, ungodly. We should not have a Jekyll and Hyde Christian life. In this God is not glorified. In fact, I will go so far to say that in such behavior God is horrified. Bad times should not be a license to act like a buffoon.

To truly grow and go higher in God, the trials, troubles and tribulations of life should bring forth His glory. You see I believe that our God is glorified when we are patient, prayerful, and persistent in our walk with Him. The person whom we see on Sunday morning should be the same person we see the remainder of the week. Anything less than that is tantamount to walking around like the devil in a dress or cruising through life like the Satan in a nice suite.

Stay focused. I pray that you were encouraged and enlightened by this message from the pastor’s corner.

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