Edifyd Praisers bid farewell

By Allen A. Buchanan, Staff Writer

ST. PETERSBURG –The husband and wife team known of Edifyd Praisers threw a party at the Enoch Davis Center last month for friends and family to bid farewell after nine years of sharing their gifts in the mime/dance ministry.

“Our first destination is Hawaii,” said DeVaughn Ashley, half of the husband and wife-miming duo.

He and his wife, Jackie, have plans to eventually travel to other locations around the world. He hopes to continue working as a nurse’s aide in each overseas location.

“We really look forward to it,” said Ashley.

Jackie and DeVaughn met at Dixie Hollins High School and have been married for nine years. Both come from a family of pastors. Jackie’s mom is Pastor Dorothy Everett at Hope Ministries in St. Petersburg and her father, Walter Everett, was a gospel singer with the group Spiritual Consolators before passing in 2004.

Devaughn’s father is also a minister, the Rev. James Ashley of Total Agape Church in Warner Robins, Ga.

Members of Bethel Community Baptist Church, Jackie and DeVaughn were also members of the church’s mime group called “Extreme Praise.”

Close to 100 people came out to enjoy the going away celebration that featured performances by the hosting dynamic duo themselves, Ashley Mitchell, Andria “Rene,” XTREME Praises, Emjay Meraki and others.

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