Veterans get it done on time!

BY DEXTER MCCREE, Feature Writer

ST. PETERSBURG — Having served in the United States Army for 10 years as a military police officer, Ada McFarley, owner of Never Late Property Cleaning, knows the value and quality of an army veteran. With the intense training one receives in the armed forces, veterans often have impeccable skills and an unyielding work ethic.

McFarley’s army training prepared her to spend eight years on the St. Petersburg Police Department. Her experience in law enforcement taught her to have a keen eye for details, so when her company needed to add more efficient and effective workers, she reflected back on her experiences.

Never Late Property Cleaning is a property cleaning service that specializes in exceptional cleaning solutions to commercial offices and corporate facilities. They are family-owned and operated with over 30 years of experience in the Tampa Bay area.

McFarley didn’t know exactly who she was looking for, but she would know them once she found them.  She went to the Enoch Davis Center and shared with the locals that she was looking for a few army veterans. Not long afterwards she was introduced to Kerry Murphy.

“I can’t say enough about Kerry.  He has great leadership skills, accountability, a team player and he has time management skills,” stated McFarley.

Murphy is a decorated army veteran who he is going back to school. McFarley couldn’t stop singing his praises, saying that he has taken the company to a new level.

Murphy spent four and a half years in the army as an airborne soldier, signal support specialist. He did a one-year tour in Afghanistan and was stationed in Alaska for three and a half years. Since then, he has done two years of technical work with government contracting.

Working for McFarley for the 30-day probationary period, he implemented practices with scheduling and systems that have made the company more efficient.

Murphy then introduced McFarley to his high school friend Gary Gainer, who served two years in the army stationed at Ft. Steward in Georgia. He worked in the field of signal communication and was honorably discharged.  He’s currently a student at St. Petersburg College studying computer science.

The two both attended Gibbs High School and played together as stars on the varsity football team before going into the army. There they learned the value of hard work.

“We had a new football coach, Yusuf Shakir, now the head football coach at Manatee High School. He showed us how to play football,” said Gainer.  “He instilled in us how to be dedicated to something and showed us how to show determination. He taught us to work hard and that there are rewards that come with your effort and putting in the time. Playing for Coach Shakir really helped to mold me to be who I am today.”

Together Murphy and Gainer brought an impregnable work ethic and new energy to Never Late Cleaning. It pleases McFarley that these two veterans are disciplined, independent, professional and, of course, never late.

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