FABOM connect with Legislative Leaders & visit FAMU cancer research lab

TALLAHASSEE — Members of the Florida Association of Black Owned Media (FABOM) dialogued with members of Florida’s power elite during its two-day visit to the state Capitol.

Florida House Speaker Steve Crisafulli and Senate President Andy Gardiner met with members and discussed a new communications path to the African-American community. The leaders will be providing legislative overviews to the papers at the session’s conclusion, which is a first and a welcomed addition.

FABOM members traveled a few miles from the capitol to Florida A&M University for an update on the critical science discoveries at the nation’s number one HBCU research institution. Vice President for Research Timothy Moore, Ph.D., reviewed the doubling of research dollars and the upgrade of the research status to a Carnegie Level II.

The tour of laboratories brought a discussion of the progress of breast cancer research, which is a major killer of African-American women.  Ravi Doddapaneni, a post-doctoral research associate, gave members a firsthand look at cancer cells and discussed their deadly destruction of human tissue.

The Black Lives Matter Alpha Kappa Alpha Town Hall meeting was moderated by FABOM Secretary Gayle Andrews.  A vigorous panel discussion was led by civil rights attorney and super advocate Daryl Parks, FABOM President Bobby Henry, Leon County Commission Chairman Bill Proctor, Leon County Schools Superintendent Jackie Pons, Sharon Ofuami  Leon Crime Stoppers Executive Director and several others.

 FABOM will return to Tallahassee prior to the end of February for a final discussion of issues before the end of the legislative session.

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