Happiness and thanksgiving

By Dexter McCree, Feature Writer

O give thanks! As the days near when “eat more turkey” is the theme and families come together, memories will be shared and others created. The threat of spoiling the specialness of the occasion is buried under the joys and laughter of the day. Here are a few thoughts of happiness and thanksgiving.

Dr. Laroche, featuredDr. Laroche

“I’m here from New York visiting my mom. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.”

Carlos Loftley, featuredCarlos Loftley

“Thanksgiving is a special day for families to get together, talk and enjoy good food.”

Craig RushCraig Rush

“Thanksgiving is a day to get together as a family and come together in unity and love one for another.  Just be thankful for the things that we have had.  We thank God for that day and the many days ahead.”

James Holmes, featuredJames Holmes

“Thanksgiving is a day of blessing and a good day to be here.  Thanksgiving is lovely for people who can find the joy in it. There’s a lot of food to share with family and friends. Thanksgiving mean a lot to me because I cook professionally and it does my heart good to see people enjoy it.”

Maxie Walker, featuredMaxie Walker

“Thanksgiving is a very auspicious occasion to bring celebration. It brings people and families together with love and adoration for each other. We have to keep trusting God that we make each holiday memorable.”

Toney Clark, featuredCharles “Toney” Clark

“Thanksgiving to me is one word – FAMILY!”

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