I AM Health


Scripture – “For I AM the Lord that heals you (Exodus 15:26).”

Denial – “I release all sickness, pain, disease or discomfort.”

Affirmation – “I AM healthy. I AM healed.”

While in the wilderness, the Hebrew people murmured and complained and as a result they experienced the bitter waters of Marah, which made them sick. Moses prayed for the healing of the waters and the health of people. God showed him a tree whose leaves and limbs were able to change the waters from bitter to sweet.

Sickness, pain, disease and discomfort are not meant to be a continual part of our existence. Just as waste passes through the body, sickness, pain, disease and discomfort are to be released from our bodies rather quickly. We are fearfully and wonderfully made; therefore, the body naturally heals itself and regenerates its cells (Psalms 139:14).

When we have chronic conditions, terminal illness and persistent pain, it is important for us to go beyond the surface of these challenges and discover metaphysical meaning cause (bitterness, unforgiveness, error thinking, negative speech, destructive behaviors).  Regardless of hereditary conditions and doctor’s prognosis, through reading healing scriptures, denials, affirmations and lifestyle changes we recover from any illness.

Jehovah Rapha means God is health, healing and wholeness. It is God’s will that we are whole, a state of being where there is nothing missing, broken or out of place in our spirits, souls and bodies. It is important that we do not affirm sickness, pain and disease by saying I AM sick. Instead, we are to denounce sickness and send it back to the nothingness from which it came. We affirm the truth that I AM whole.

Reflection Question – Are you facing any health challenges? If so, list them. How can the I AM manifest as health in your life?

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