Jesus, our Wayshower – Part 2

Dr. Doral R. Pulley, Spiritual Leader of Today’s Church

John 1:12-13

Jesus is our Wayshower. Wayshower means that Jesus is the standard from which Christians strive to operate in our lives, world, and affairs (Ephesians 4:11-13).  As a Wayshower, his actions and teachings Show people the Way to evolve, grow and live as the highest and best self that God intended.  Charles Fillmore said, “Jesus represents the Christ consciousness in human beings.”

Wayshower means that he is an example of what it means to be fully human AND fully divine. He is the perfect balance between humanity and divinity. Through Jesus you learn how to live a holistically healthy, balanced, and well-rounded life. He demonstrated what is like to live a full life and how to move from just surviving to thriving. “I AM come that you might have life and that more abundantly (John 10:10).”

Wayshower also means that Jesus shows us how to successfully navigate through the 9 Stages of life: pre-existence with God, birth, life, ministry, death, burial, resurrection, ascension and Second Coming. Nine is the number of endings and shows the completion of a cycle. All numbers are formed from the numbers 0 to 9.

Through the person of Jesus, the Bible walks us through each stage of the life cycle. Just as Jesus, we each pre-existed with God in spirit before we took on our physical bodies (Jeremiah 1:4-10).  Jesus’ birth was a miracle and each person who makes it through the pre-natal process is a miracle because so many eggs are not fertilized, and millions of zygotes never become fetus (Luke 1:26-38).

Jesus’ early life shows us how to build rapport and establish relationship with family and discover our true selves (Luke 2:41-52). Jesus’ ministry shows us that each of have a call to answer and purpose to fulfill (John 14:12). Jesus’ death shows us that we must to die to our old selves to be born anew in our thinking, speaking and actions (Romans 6:1-6).

Jesus’ resurrection shows us that we can rise and recover from any situation (Philippians 3:10-11). Jesus’ ascension shows us that there are always higher realms of consciousness that we must attain (Philippians 3:12-14). Jesus’ Second Coming shows us that have eternal life beyond our physical bodies and that all of life is a circle (Philippians 3:21). The Alpha is the Omega and the beginning is the end (Revelation 1:4-8).

Rev. Doral Pulley is the senior pastor of Today’s Church Tampa Bay, 940 5th Ave. S, St. Petersburg (Staybridge Suites) and 5107 North Central Ave., Tampa.

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