Lunch & Learn Seminar was a huge success!

ST. PETERSBURG — Over 60 students participated in the Lunch & Learn Seminar held Sat., April 24 at the Enoch Davis Center. It was specifically designed to help them answer the question: “Which career path is right for you?”

The seminar, which was organized by the St. Petersburg Chapter of The Links, Incorporated, was sponsored by Lawson Funeral Home. During the two-hour session, students were given the opportunity to meet and hear from community members, leaders, entrepreneurs and educators that followed the path that was right for them, although it may not have been the most popular.

Knowing that there is more than one path to success, it is very important to convey that message to our students, and in turn for students to explore their options when planning for the future.

Speakers for the event included, Sheila Tampa, Otima Delancy, Teresa Bieber-Reshi, Clarence Jackson, Terrell Nixon and Henry Johnson. Students learned from entrepreneurs Stephanie Lawson, Jackie Lang, Cynthia Allen and Tyrone Shelton that owning your own business is an attainable dream.

Community partners such as St. Petersburg College, PTEC and Career Source Pinellas were also present to educate students on the many options provided by their organizations.

It was a wonderful event that kept the students engaged and provided useful information for all who attended

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