St. Pete’s finest: Victoria Kelty

ST. PETERSBURG — It seems as though it was only yesterday when tears were streaming down my little girl’s face as she cried when her older brothers went off to school. Wanting so much to be old enough for Pre-K and could not wait until she was a big girl just so she could go to school.

Victoria Kelty is a very determined young lady. She was an honor roll student from the start as though she had one purpose in mind. It was amazing to watch her grow up into the beautiful young black woman she is today.

She has served as a representative of her community in her titles as Little Miss, Junior Miss and Miss Frank Pierce of Bartlett Park in her senior year of high school. She graduated from Gibbs High School, home of the Gladiators, in 2010 and worked as a summer intern for three months with the St. Petersburg Police Department.

Victoria bid her family and friends farewell as she went off to the biggest steps of her life—college. For four years she was separated from her family and community that loved and protected her. Once again, Victoria rose to the occasion beating the odds that were stacked up against her and facing every giant that stood in her way. She did what she knew she had to do.

Being raised up in a bible believing home, knowing all things were possible if she could only believe, she did just that when times got hard, and they did. After four long years of back and forth as a full-time student at the historically black Bethune-Cookman University, I am very proud beyond words to present to some and introduce to others Miss Victoria D. Kelty—college graduate.

She has earned her Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice with a minor in Pre-Law graduating cum laude. We love you and are very much proud of you and your accomplishments. You go girl!

Love always,


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