Step out on faith!

God’s will for all of us is Absolute Good. God desires for all of creation to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life.  God’s good desires for us come into fruition through our faith.

Faith is our ability to pull our healing from the heavenly realm of ideas to the earthly realm of manifestation.  Faith is our ability to pull our prosperity from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. Faith is our ability to pull our demonstration of harmony in all relationships from the supernatural realm to the natural realm.

When the woman with the issue of blood tried to give Jesus the praise for her healing, Jesus corrected her by saying, “your faith has made you whole (Mark 5:25-34).” Today, the same miracles, signs and wonders are available to us according to our faith. Our faith makes us whole. Our faith makes well. Our faith makes us prosperous. All we have to do is step out on FAITH!

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