Do you lead or control people?

Praise the Lord Saints.

For starters, congrats to the SCLC new Executive Board for 2015-2017, President Toriano Parker, First Vice President Kent Channer, Secretary Princess Denise Wright, Treasurer Latrisha Bonner and me Chaplain Rev. Dr.  Rob Harrison.

In the coming weeks you will see us in action in the neighborhoods and communities working to make it a better place. Look for great things and expect nothing less than excellence.  If you have a suggestion, please feel free to contact one of us anytime or come by one of our monthly meetings every fourth Thursday on the corner of 9th Ave and 22nd Street South.  We would Love to have you in attendance.

Here is another article that hits home for most “spiritual leaders” of today that seem to feel that they have all the answers.

The results and facts or history dictates otherwise though.

I find it hard to believe that God called you to pastor a 5-10 member church for over 5-10 years.  I find it hard to believe no one else in the neighborhood or even right down the street doesn’t want to be saved anymore.

I hear this excuse from some of the leaders or well God doesn’t want the church to be too big because you can’t keep up with them all.  There is a melting pot of these lame excuses but the reality is a good hard look in the mirror will reflect the only thing holding the church back.  Some of their egos are so over inflated there ain’t enough room for them and the ego to even fit in the reflection.

I’ve seen these “books” of questionnaires and tests or exams they use to “qualify” the individual that is up for a leadership position in the church.  These books are so detailed and lengthy that the brother just decides to stay in the mediocre position for the remainder of his stay there and quench the spirit and gifts and abilities God placed in him and forego the nonsense.  Most of these books are just downloaded from the internet and the leader will just put the church info on the front page along with his name. For shame.

Nowhere in the bible does Jesus require such complex application for becoming leaders in the church but because of the by-laws, I guess they feel they had to one up Jesus because he left some things out.

If I can discourage you into running for a position, I can continue to control, manipulate, and persuade you that I need to keep the reins because you ain’t ready.

Don’t let me get started bout these “trial sermons”!  What a hypocritical joke and disgrace in the body of Christ that we have sunk so low to think that you have the right to tell a man full of the holy ghost when and if God has called him and attempt to regulate what and how he delivers God’s message.  Believe me, the wannabees will expose themselves and look foolish in front of truly saved, sanctified, Holy Ghost filled saints living the life.

Do You Lead or Control People?


In my years leading in business and churches, I have known many people who claim to be leaders, but they are actually nothing more than controllers of people. There is a huge difference in leading and controlling.

In fact, the differences are almost exact opposites: Here are some characteristics of environments that lead people:

1. Creativity is encouraged and mistakes are seen as part of the process

2. People are developed more than programs

3. Healthy relationships and teams are part of the DNA

4. Delegation thrives and people are empowered

5. Everyone has value on a team

6. People follow willingly, because they feel respected and valued

7. Leadership development is part of the DNA

Here are some characteristics of controlling people:

1. Personal growth is stifled

2. Creativity and independent thought is discouraged

3. Followers are kept at a distance from leaders

4. Leaders insist on their way and are never wrong

5. People are taken for granted

6. Positions and policies rule more than relationships

7. People are employees more than team members

Apparently, to some leaders, it appears easier to simply make people do what the leader wants them to do. By force. I’ve had bosses like that. Making people carry out your agenda simplifies things…it seems. But, that’s not really leadership.

Leadership is more of an art than that. Leading people effectively means helping people with different skills, talents and interests, even ideas and temperaments in a way that makes them feel valued and yet accomplishes the established vision and goals.

That’s not easy. That’s not even always fun. But, it certainly is truer of leadership. The fact is you can’t truly lead people and control people. The two don’t work well together.

Have you ever worked for a controller?

Be honest with yourself, are you leading people, or do you claim to be a leader, but you are really a controlling people?

Till next week,

God Bless and keep Us All.

Rev. Dr. Rob Harrison, Ph.D. –, @drrobharrison

Chaplain – Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Pinellas
The Apostolic Open Door Church of God & True Holiness – 2800 41st Ave. N, St. Pete
PSFEC Board Member | DJJ Chaplain Circuit 6

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