Supergirl Jada celebrates

BY DEXTER MCCREE, Feature Writer

ST. PETERSBURG –Every child has an alter ego that helps them to escape the demands of school, direction from parents, cleaning up their room and that place of loneliness that may come, particularly for an only child.

Saturday, Nov. 4, Jada Lane celebrated her birthday as Supergirl at Dell Holmes Park with 50 of her closest friends and family.  She turned five years old just one day after a gallery of costumes, ghost and goblins.

Supergirl’s powers mirror that of her cousin Superman, which stand to reason why Jada’s overpowering smile, charisma and character drew such a guest list to celebrate with her.

“Five years old is a momentous time for a child,” said Kalia Lane, the mother of Jada. “I wanted to celebrate this special day because I always want her to remember how special she is to all of us. She has grown so much and she’s such a beautiful little girl.”

Although Supergirl is a fictional superhero character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, Lane said her little superhero exemplifies much of what Supergirl encompasses: she’s very bright, energetic and creative. Her superpower is her strong mind and her kryptonite would be the lack of love and affection.

“Jada loves the beauty of being a princess but balances girly fun with her Supergirl powers and charm. That’s Jada,” said Lane.

The day started in the early morning hours for Supergirl’s mother, Supermom. She arrived at the rented shelter to set up and decorate in a way befitting a super daughter.

The swirling wind conditions caused the colorful hanging streamers to blow wildly against the concrete pillars. As the hours slowly drifted away, the shelter began to fill with more decorations, drinks, pans of food and a Supergirl birthday cake.

Supergirl Cake, featured

The young guests arrived with their parents and immediately went into action mode on the playground being led by the superhero, which by now had relinquished her royal crown that accompanied her outfit. The guest list included schoolmates, church youth, family, friends and acquaintances new to the city that she met for the first time. This girl has powers that draw people together.

“We had a really good time and we’re glad that we were invited to come,” said Alexis Miller, a native of Newark, New Jersey, who is trying to learn the Tampa Bay area along with her son. “Zion enjoyed meeting new friends and we now know about the park. The people were friendly and we had a nice time.”

Jada may never be the fictional superhero appearing in comic books, but she’ll never forget being Supergirl at her fifth birthday party.

She’ll remember the joyful memories of gifts, two birthday cakes, a great turnout, playing on the playground with new friends, having a tiara and wearing her Supergirl outfit. Her Supergirl alter ego may be fictional, but turning five years old was a wonderful reality.

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