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ST. PETERSBURG — The luxury automobile names of Jaguar, BMW and Mercedes immediately bring forth images of luxury, affluence and success. These aerodynamic, gleaming cars are engineered to perfection and reflect a lifestyle that many work hard to attain.

Phillip Boone of Crown Eurocars, located at 6001 34th St. N., is here to assist you in achieving that lifestyle.

“I feel I’m here to help people get their American dream,” Boone stated.

He is one of the top automobile sales representatives of luxury automobiles in the Tampa Bay area. He refers to himself as a “transportation advisor.” Even though his forte is the high-end luxury model, he is constantly tracking what other models are available.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s high end,” he stated. “If someone is looking for something I need to know.”

Boone grew up in the Panhandle town of Vernon where his mother Ruthie Mae Boone still resides. After graduating from Florida A&M University he relocated to the Tampa Bay area and began his sales career in major retail stores.

He then joined the ranks of the auto industry and has become one of its top producers through the years. He has been a sales rep at BMW and Mercedes of Palm Harbor, Lokey Mercedes in Clearwater and now at Crown.

During his sales career he was the number one sales person for 14 years at the BMW dealership in Palm harbor and was also one of the recipients of a nationwide contest by BMW.  The company awarded the top 35 sales representatives throughout the United States with a two-year free lease on a BMW 750LI. At the Clearwater dealership he was the top salesman for two years.

Boone likes the perks of the business but also feels it suits him because he is a people person.  “I like meeting people and I’m a people oriented person,” he said.  “It also gives me an opportunity to meet different professionals.”

He is saddened when he cannot get that applicant’s credit report approved for purchase.  Boone feels that part of the sales advisor role is to educate the consumer about their beacon or credit score.

“Stay away from sales people and go to a professional,” he advised. “Payments must be made on time,” Boone said.  “Grace periods don’t count and they don’t tell you that.”  He also said that on your down payment every $1,000 down reduces your monthly payment by about $20, and on a lease there is a $30 per month reduction per $1,000.  He feels that the car industry is a major indicator of the economy in general.  “If people aren’t buying you can’t jump start the economy.”

Boone loves the freedom of being in sales. “It’s not a routine day, it’s always changing,” he said.  “You are your own boss and you’re working for yourself.”

Refusing to be handcuffed and shackled by corporate America telling him how much he can earn or how much he is worth, he feels that he’s been blessed. “Mr. and Mrs. Consumer have supported me and continue to support me,” he averred.

So if you’re looking for a new vehicle, don’t eliminate Mercedes-Benz from your list. Christmas is right around the corner and Mercedes has a 2014 CLA250 four door that starts under $30,000. This may not have all the bells and whistles of say a Benz twice its sticker price, but safety is standard with the Benz name and upgrades can always be added to this entry-level luxury sedan.

You can get an idea of what they have in stock by viewing their website at www.crowneurocars.com.

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