Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said his country is outnumbered but will still hold the line against the Russian invasion.
“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” — Mahatma Ghandi
As a teenager, it never occurred to me that war was still possible. Yes, my family has and is serving in the military, but the idea of war is still alarming. People are scared for their lives as they sit in their homes; families must leave their country and enter neighboring ones with the hope of survival. News reports have suggested that Putin is upset about the independence of Ukraine. As a teen, I couldn’t begin to understand the complexities of political decisions. I am more concerned about the loss of lives and the lasting effects on both countries. The decision to go to war with Ukraine has shocked the world, and the initial attack was felt emotionally worldwide. One of the solutions to ending wars around the world is the idea of a utopian society, a society with government and social perfection where everyone is equal. Although many people wish and hope for it, I deeply oppose utopias. Good things such as utopias never last because the definition of a utopia is social PERFECTION. There is no perfect world. You can only aspire to be somewhere in the vicinity of it. Maybe the solution is to change the way we view the issue. The ability to understand that the more we want, the less we will be able to ensure that every human being has access to water, shelter, food, and first aid. This is the key to becoming once again united. However, some may view this as just the opinion of an optimistic teen. As a teen, I wish this was not occurring because the aftereffects will be heartbreaking. After the last three years of unprecedented changes that were out of our control, our world can’t survive another conflict. We must find peace. Debating and disagreeing are ok, but hopefully, they will find a solution. In the long run, I believe our world can preserve the foundation of our society and build to create the ideal circumstances for the future and success of our tomorrow.

Dacia Jackson

Dacia Jackson is a teen journalist, author, and artist with aspirations of becoming an attorney. She is currently pursuing an interest in journalism while attending a Florida online school. Dacia is honest, ambitious, and tenacious, so her column will always be truthful, extraordinarily unique, and hopefully impactful.

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