Worship with Your Hands – Part 2 (Opening)


Many people are focusing on how they will bring in the New Year.  Often people believe that whatever you do as the New Year comes in is indicative of what you will be doing throughout the year.  Millions of people of faith are in worship services as the clock strikes twelve, praying.  Watch Night Services usually include prayers of thanksgiving for the year past and prayers of petition for the New Year to come.

What we do with our hands during prayer is very important. I used to pray with my hands folded. I saw clasping my hands as a form of reverence to God. As I continued to grow spiritually, I began praying with my hands open. The open hands signal to God that I AM letting go of negative thoughts, words or actions by forgiving myself and others.  The open hands also symbolize that I AM releasing any hurt, pain, stress or anxiety from my mind and from my body.

Not only do the open hands represent releasing and letting go, the open hands also represent being ready to receive. When I pray with my hands open, I AM telling God that I AM open and receptive to divine unlimited ideas.  Hands open in prayer also demonstrate that I AM ready to receive my good in whatever form it manifests.

When hands are closed, nothing gets in and nothing gets out. Instead of praying with closed hands, let’s open our hands in prayer and receive all of the blessings that God has for us in this New Year: health, wealth and harmony in all of our relationships and interactions.

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