A spiritual overview of the 2018 Amendments


This week is dedicated totally to the upcoming elections with regards to the confusion and slick trickery of these amendments.

So, here is what the true born-again believer should be voting and why.

For the most part, I won’t go into long drawn out detail over everyone but the hard work of reading and studying them each has already been taken care of.

So you can feel comfortable putting your conscience at rest knowing that these decisions are what we Spirit-led born again believers that look like “US” feel is best for “US”.

If they don’t coincide with those of others, know that we are not politicians, so they won’t match in most cases.

I will however next week, go into more detail as to how the decisions were made.

Amendment 1 – NO

2 – NO

3 – NO

4 – YES   How long should someone continue to suffer for one bad mistake? So we crucify them for LIFE?!  They have paid their debt to society.

5 – NO

6 – NO !!!  So I’m accused of a crime and based on that alone you decide to violate my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS given to me as a U.S. citizen?

Texas is one of many states overturning convictions because it was later found out the “so-called” victim lied. OMG, not to mention, Emmett Till.  Let the system do what it was intended to do. Blind justice. Yes the system is broken, but as for us, its broken and tilted and this would only make it worse than it already is.

7 – YES

9 – YES

8 – WAS OMITTED, but WOW! Wait ‘til it comes back, and it will.

10 – 13 All YES.

Note the CRC created 6-12 which is why there is so much “mess” and forked tongueness, (new phrase) for lack of a better description.

Thirty-four out of 37 are Republican. Hmmm emoji. Zipper closed mouth emoji.

Till next week,

God Bless.

Elder Dr. Robert L. Harrison

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