Are you dehydrated?


Over 70 percent of the earth is made up of water and over 70 percent of our bodies are made up of water. To avoid dehydration, health care professionals suggest that we drink 50 percent of our body weight in ounces of water. For example, if we weigh 200 pounds then we are to drink 100 ounces of water each day. We can go a week without food but we can only go three days without water.

Natural water, H2O, is made of hydrogen and oxygen. Spiritual water is made up of stillness and silence. Many of us are naturally and spiritually dehydrated and we don’t even know it.

Many of the signs of hydration have natural and spiritual significance. When we are getting enough water naturally, our urine is clear. Our conscious becomes clear, when we are spending enough time to “be still and know that he is God (Psalms 46:10).” The spiritual practice of stillness and silence gives us clear direction, while enabling us to avoid bitterness and unforgiveness.

When drinking the right amount of water, not only is our urine clear but it is also odorless. When we are spending the right amount of time in prayer and meditation, our attitude is odorless. If a person has a “stinky” attitude, it is because he or she is not having enough quiet devotional time.

We live in a very hot climate where it is easy for people to become dehydrated. This week at Unity of Midtown, we are demonstrating outreach by collecting bottles and cases of water so that we can give to those in our community who may be dehydrated due to the heat.

Let’s reach out together!

Bring your donations of water to the church (located at 511 Prescott St. S.) at any of the following times:

  • Thursdays, from 11 am – 7:30 pm (during our office hours and Prayer and Healing service)
  • Sundays, from 9:30 am – 1:00 pm (during any of our classes or services)

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