Chase your dreams

Dear Editor,

I would like to speak to the youth of St. Pete.

Do you have the fortitude? Would you rather think inside the box or expand your brain capabilities to its maximum potential? Do you want to be ordinary or extraordinary? Living on top of the world, or in the galaxy?

The choice is utterly yours.

So many people are living in the now where their wants outweigh their needs, and respectful cordialities such as “yes sir” and “yes ma’am” have vanished. Then you have those who are reluctant of the unknown, with questions plaguing them, such as “What’s next?” “What do I do now?” They are afraid to venture out of their comfort zone and expand their horizons.

The word “can’t” should not be in your vocabulary, period. Look at President Barack Obama; he is the living embodiment of “yes you can.”

Two important things you must never forget: 1) You can be anything you put your mind to and 2) You can do anything you put your mind to.

Make strong tenacious goals; tell yourself you can do it! Push hard, exceed and excel above and beyond any woman or man can think of. Have an improved mindset, a diverse personality and an unbreakable determination that no one can take from you.

A wise woman once told me, “Minimum work equals minimum wage.” Do you want to live paycheck to paycheck? You have the choice, you have access to the tools that will keep you from poverty—it’s called school. You have the ability; it’s all on you.

Being a homeowner, having good credit or simply just living your “American Dream” is what anyone can attain if they stay in school and keep their nose clean.

I want to let all the young men and women I know that they can do it. They can reach their highest potential, and settling for less is not an option.

Be a positive impact, be a role model, be something that your parents couldn’t be. I’m just a somebody letting you know that you’re not a nobody.  You are distinctive, you are strong, you are multidimensional, you are resilient, you are tenacious, you are a unique individual and you are a gift from God. The world is awaiting your greatness.

~ Dwineshia Latimore ~

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