Easter keeps happening


Earlier this month the greatest Christian celebration took place all over the world.  Easter Sunday morning, churches were full of believers who worshipped and celebrated the resurrection of our LORD.  The following Sunday is often looked at as a “downer” due to a much lower church attendance.  Regardless of how many people attending church on Easter Sunday or how many less people attending the following Sundays is not an accurate measure of the reality that Easter keeps happening!

Easter keeps happening primarily because we keep celebrating with an attitude of gratitude that when they crucified    our LORD, the sun refused to shine. And from the darkness, He cried: “it is finished.” The battle was over; there be no more wars.  It was finished; the end of the conflict – and Jesus is LORD!  The only thing we need to do is to believe it, receive it and renew our minds unto it.

Sure, three days earlier our LORD was beaten. He was hung high, spread wide and He died.  He was buried in a borrowed tomb – but three days later, He arose, as no grave could hold His body down.  Living He loved us, dying He saved us, buried He carried our sin far away and being resurrected, He freed us forever.

Most of us understand that it wasn’t the nails that held Jesus to the cross.  It was His love for us as He counted it all to please the Father so that we could be reconciled back into the His righteousness.  In return, we now have the ministry of reconciliation.  As the Father sent Jesus, even so He is sending us into the world systems to make disciples of every nation. At our invitation, He’ll come into our hearts and live in us bodily.  Our responsibility is to now abide in Him!

Jesus Christ, the Word of God came in the flesh walked and lived among people but they could not perceive who He really was.  They only knew Jesus in the natural according to the flesh. They only knew Him as Joseph’s son and Mary’s baby – who by the way, according to their limited perception, was born out of wedlock.  Yet, He was the perfect Pastoral Lamb that was slain for the sins of the world.  So that whosoever believe on Him accept His finished work on the cross shall be saved.

Easter keeps happening because everyday souls are being added into the Kingdom of God.  Easter keeps happening because skeptics are still seeking the living among the dead. Dead works, dead ideologies, dead consciences, dead motives, dead churches.  While they are seeking TRUTH, He will draw them with His love and kindness, and show them miracles to help their unbelief.  Once they understand He’s not dead but alive and accept Him as their personal Savior, they will become believers.

Easter keep happening because now the Word of God ceases being just “logos” and becomes alive to them as “rhema.”  The written Word of God, the Holy Bible, becomes the Holy Spirit’s voice that guides a believer into the TRUTH that Jesus is Lord, and that every name that has a name must obey His authority.  The Bible then becomes a special revelation from God to them individually as well as collectively as the Church.

 In spite of its context, a particular Bible verse may be applied to their current event or set of circumstances.   A rhema word from the Bible may guide one on how to live their life from day to day as they pursue God.  Chains will be broken from their mind. They will be set free indeed with God’s love flowing from their heart unto others. Easter keeps happening because no one who has ever tasted the goodness of God can deny He is alive forever more!

So you ask me how I know He lives?  I would shout it aloud I know Jesus Christ is alive because He lives within my soul.      I have been made righteous, given the mind of Jesus Christ and the promises of Abraham’s seed. Whosoever desire it can have it for themselves. May I ask you – how bad do you want it?

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