For health sake, stop using these household items

People seem to think that Styrofoam cups, plates, etc. are safe; however, they are far from it. Styrene is a harmful chemical that can leach into your food and liquids. It is a petroleum byproduct that can not only be found in Styrofoam but also in plastics and resins.

According to the National Research Council, styrene is classified as a carcinogen. The amount of Styrofoam used in the U.S. could circle the globe 426 times.

It is also a big part of the problem causing pollution in our oceans. Styrofoam cups lying in landfills create enough methane gas that has two times the ozone-depleting power as CO2.

In 1986, a study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) detected styrene in 100 percent of human tissue and breast milk samples. There needs to be a ban on styrene. So, please say no to Styrofoam. Buy paper products instead or use your glass products and save some money.

Previously I discussed how toxic fluoride is. I highly recommend that you try Tom’s non-fluoride toothpaste, which can be purchased at Walmart and Publix or any health food store. Just make sure you pick up the tube that says non-fluoride because Tom’s does carry fluoride toothpaste.

You can also purchase Brandless non-fluoride toothpaste at

Fluoride is toxic and is the key ingredient in some rat poisons. I do not think it’s necessary to go into depth about the dangers of fluoride as that was covered in my article entitled The shocking reasons you should not drink tap water.

Regular deodorants and antiperspirants contain aluminum, which is linked to cancer, especially breast cancer. I do not recommend getting the crystal deodorant stones and sprays either because they also contain aluminum.

Many deodorants and antiperspirants contain up to 25 percent aluminum salts, which can mimic the hormone estrogen. Just about any chemical that mimics estrogen can cause breast cancer.

Also, antiperspirants use aluminum to block the pores that release sweat, which is one of your body’s routes for detoxification. Once this aluminum in the antiperspirant is rolled on, it is absorbed through the skin, lymph nodes, capillaries and the bloodstream.

Also, high concentrations of aluminum are found in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients. Some researchers believe that aluminum is the trigger for developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Twenty thousand people in a British village called Camelford were exposed to aluminum sulfate after a truck overturned carrying the chemical. They were exposed for several weeks, and a large number of the town’s citizens ended up developing early onset of Alzheimer’s.

After all that’s said, as a solution I do recommend Tom’s non-aluminum deodorant, which you can purchase at just about any store, including Walmart.

Aluminum pots and cookware should be thrown in the trash if you haven’t already. For the same reason as above, you are getting large doses of aluminum, but this time in your food.

The safest cooking is with stainless steel and platinum cookware. However, when you choose stainless steel cookware, beware of the lightweight pots and pans because they are mixed with aluminum and other unsafe metals. Make sure they are heavy and double check the packaging. I try not to purchase any stainless steel made in China for that reason.

Non-stick cookware should be tossed out immediately. Again, go with pure stainless steel or platinum cookware. When non-stick coated pans are heated, the non-stick coating breaks down releasing toxins in the air called PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate), PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFCs (perfluorinated compounds).

According to the EPA, these chemicals are showing up in the blood of the general U.S. population. Some other products that these chemicals are used in are microwave popcorn (chemicals used in the bag); stain-resistant clothing, stain-resistant carpet and drinking water near PFC manufacturing facilities are contaminated with it.

The health problems caused by these chemicals are cancer, hypothyroidism, reproductive problems, immune system problems, birth defects and organ damage.

In summary, these are almost all things you can change by buying the items mentioned here that are safe to use; you can change your health. Needless to say, when your body is loaded with toxins it is very difficult to lose weight. Having trouble losing weight? Don’t procrastinate! Give me a call today.

Dr. Ramona Valentine

Dr. Ramona Valentine

Also, if you are just concerned that you have these toxins in your body making you sick? Then call to make an appointment for testing and how to handle it.

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