Gibbs Homecoming 2014

By Allen A. Buchanan, Staff Writer

ST. PETERSBURG – Ominous clouds rolled in from the east and clashed with warm, western gulf winds that sighed to the crackling thunder as the rains moved in. One by one the cars and trucks came, headlights on, and circling the lot off of 31st Street South. Should they park or continue on?

All appeared hopeless. In the flicker of an eye, more and more cars arrived and stayed. People, some with umbrellas and some without, bravely emerged from their vehicles and into the wet, sultry stream of what appeared to be an endless soaking.

Visitors gathered in the halls outside the gymnasium wondering if it was going to be held inside.

They were talking about the Gibbs High School Homecoming 2014 ceremonies. A loud crack of thunder and multiple streaks of lightning followed. People’s minds shifted from the ceremonies to whether there would be an actual game.

The Gibbs Gladiator Dance Team ran a few drills with their instructor as family members and school staff looked on. The evening was getting late. One more deluge and damp calm fell over the Gibbs campus complex.

It was as if the gods were saying, “We’ve negotiated the terms for the rest of the evening, and it’s going to be all right. The game will go on!”

The Gibbs Gladiators and the visiting Clearwater Tornadoes took to the saturated field as the rains were letting up. People emptied out of the Gymnasium Complex to fill the benches behind the Gladiators to cheer them on.

The Gladiator Dance Team and Band filed in one-by one just before half-time and took their positions on the southwest side of the bleachers. At the southwest entrance to the football field were the Homecoming participants of 2014 awaiting their turn to circle the track.

During half-time ceremonies with the help of Gibbs ROTC and Principal Stephanie A. Adkinson, Ed.S., Deandre Johnson and Duineshia Latimore were crowned King and Queen of Homecoming Court for 2014.

Despite a gallant effort, the Gibbs Gladiators lost to the Tornadoes 20-14.

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