Breaking the Cycle: Temple maintenance – the spiritual approach

Praise the Lord Saints.

It’s me again but this time in a different capacity.

Some that know me know that I have been a coach and personal trainer for more than 30 years and have trained several kids in this area to championship levels.

Just to name a few Demilo Wise (multiple state titles and All American at the University of Oklahoma), Louis Murphy, Jr. (state champion, second leg of Lakewood’s 4×100 in 2003), Ryan Hallaum (set AAU record for most stolen bases in one state tournament and recorded first ever unassisted triple play for his age group in same tournament), Nick Gallaur (Pinellas County Tennis Player of the Year in 2005), Xavier Harrison (PCAC, District Sprint Champion in 100/200/ 4×100 in 2012).

I’m not sure of the spelling of a few names but they know who they are and they can attest to it.

I’ve been certified in SST, Sport Specific Training, Master Fitness Training (Military) and Sports Nutrition.

I have many more I could name but that’s not important.

Eating ScheduleHowever, what is important is that we are and have been at an epidemic status for over 10 years “fighting” this demonic disease called obesity.  As a direct result, our people are at the top of the charts with diabetes, high blood pressure, various cancers, cardio vascular disease, the list goes on and on and is continuing to increase yearly.

You can attribute it to whatever you want but no one is holding guns to your head saying eat!

We have got to stop this.  Lord Jesus every time I look at a church choir, it’s abundantly evident that the pastor is either not teaching on this subject or doesn’t think it’s important enough or they are a part of the growing number themselves.

I have to be blunt because they need to be called to the carpet.

You should be a good steward of the resources you are over and bring people like me in to teach the saints of God that it’s not hard if God is with you in the battle.  This is no different than with smokers and alcoholics or drug abusers.

I encapsulate these together because each poisons the temple of the Living God, if you have the Holy Spirit dwelling on the inside of you.

I started this column to better inform and equip you to winning this battle for a better living and more abundant way of life.

I will do as Jesus did to show you I have genuine love and compassion for you and your life by giving you this attached eating schedule.  I usually charge clients for this but this battle is too serious and important for me to have greed for money.

I pray you use it to better control your eating and if there are any questions, PLEASE feel free to contact me for more specific personalized directions at; @drrobharrison (twitter).

In the coming weeks I will be addressing many other ailments and issues in this health, wellness, fitness, training department so that you can save money on trial and error snake oil remedies.

It takes work but most importantly, it takes knowledge.

Till next week,

God Bless.

Dr. Rob

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