House the homeless


“Whosoever has this world’s goods and sees his brother have need and shut his bowels of compassion, how abides the love of God in him.” (I John 3:17)

In addition to feeding the hungry, giving drink to those who are thirsty, Jesus called his followers to house the homeless and clothe the naked. (Matthew 25:31-46)

Today, we are Jesus’ disciplined followers and we are still being called to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters. Every male is our brother and every female is our sister.  Regardless of race, culture, creed, educational level, socio-economic status, criminal background, orientation, family heritage or any other distinction, we are all one. When one person, has a need, we all have a need.

For safety reasons, many of us do not open our homes to those who are homeless. Our safety and security needs, do not excuse us from Jesus’ mandate to house the homeless; therefore, we have to find ways in our modern society to fulfill this command.

One of the ways to do this is to support shelters and transitional houses minister to the needs of our siblings of the world. We can support legislation to take care of those who are having challenges with their basic needs. We can give money to keep the shelters in our community open. We can also give clothes, shoes, household items and toiletries.

At Unity of Midtown, we are changing the consciousness of our congregation. We are encouraging people when they shop for themselves and their families to think of others and to buy items for others who may have a need.

This week we are collecting items that serve the homeless population. You may drop off items to Unity of Midtown at 511 Prescott St. S. on Thursday from 11-8 p.m. or Sunday between 9-2 p.m.

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