I AM Protection


Scripture – “Fear not, Abram: I AM thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward (Genesis 15:1).”
Denial – “I AM not afraid.”
Affirmation – “I AM divinely protected.”

“The light of God surrounds us; The love of God enfolds us; The power of God protects us; The presence of God watches over us; Wherever we are, God is!” These words are known as the Prayer of Protection and are often said as a benediction at the end of our worship services. They are a part of a longer prayer written by James Dillet Freeman, a Unity minister, in 1940.  He wrote this prayer in response to the several prayer concerns, requests and calls of soldiers and their families during World War II.

Notice that it is entitled the Prayer of Protection and not the Prayer for Protection. We don’t have to prayer for protection because I AM that I AM is our protection. Instead we say the Prayer of Protection to remind ourselves of the truth that we are protected and there are angels all around us.

In scripture, God is not only referenced as the who such as father and friend, but God is also seen as the what such as protection and symbols that represent safety. Abram while traveling from the known to the unknown, called God his shield. David, who was a worshipper and a warrior, often referred to God as protection by calling God his shield, buckler, refuge and strong tower (Psalms 28:7).

When we recognize that we are one with the I AM that I AM, we can add the words, I AM to the statements of the prayer. I AM the light of God. I AM the love of God. I AM the power of God. I AM the presence.

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