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Hello readers, great news! This is your chance to save on Medicare and supplemental costs and get $105 back monthly.

For the next two months, in addition to my nutrition and weight loss practice, I will be assisting as a benefits consultant to help people in our community switch to a Medicare plan that is more affordable for 2019 that will give back $105 in your Social Security account monthly.

This is a great Medicare Advantage plan that covers what Medicare covers plus health care costs that Medicare doesn’t cover such as eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses, hearing exams and hearing aids, basic dental and $420 per year in over the counter products like vitamins and blood pressure cuffs, etc.

It also covers your medication. Plus, you get $105 back per month in your social security check, which adds up to $1,260 per year! If you have a spouse on Medicare, the two of you will have an additional combined $2,520 back in your pockets.

Just think of what you can do with that extra savings. The great plus with this is you do NOT need a Medicare Supplemental or Part D plan with this because medications are covered.

Worried that your primary care physician (PCP) is not on this plan? Many of the PCPs are on this plan. My recommendation is for us to sit down together and compare this plan to what you currently have.

Just give me a call, and I will be happy to help you. This covers Medicare Part A, B and D. In addition to what was mentioned, below is a break down of what you will get on this plan:

  • PCP visits- 0 copay
  • Labwork- 0 copay
  • Specialist- 0 copay
  • X-rays- $20 copay
  • Skilled Nursing Facility-First 21 days 0 copay
  • Inpatient Hospitalization- $90 copay first 5 days, then days 6-90 at $0 copay
  • Tier 1 Prescriptions- 0 copay
  • Hearing Exam- 0 copay
  • Hearing Aid- $10 copay and $2000 paid toward hearing aid.
  • Basic Dental- 0 copay
  • Eye exam- 0 copay
  • Eyeglasses (you get $150 paid toward glasses or contact lenses)
  • Silver Sneakers- 0 copay
  • Over-the-counter supplies (i.e., vitamins, aspirin, blood pressure cuff, etc.) you get $420 per year to spend

And you get so much more. Just a warning, there will be many different plans on the market but make sure you compare them completely before signing up.

The company is really growing due to its great benefits and $105 cash back monthly.

Enrollment is for a limited time. Call me for more information at (727) 241-9230.

Dr. Ramona Valentine

Dr. Ramona Valentine

If you have any questions regarding this article, please email me at

Dr. Valentine is a weight loss consultant, a health consultant, a chiropractor and a licensed agent for UFP. You can reach her at 855-771-SLIM (7546) or stop by A Slimmer You at 10300 49th St. N, Suite 211. Log on to for more information.

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