Personal wig customizations and training

Imani Williams, owner of Slayed by Blue, wig customizations, reconstruction and creation. Pictured here is one of her many creations.


ST. PETERSBURG — As an up and coming hair stylist in St. Petersburg, Imani Williams, known as “Blue,” started her company Slayed by Blue. She specializes in wig customizations, reconstruction and creation. She also does hair coloring, cuts, and styling, as well as lace installs.

Williams prides herself on realistic wig customizations that she said can last two to four weeks. Her customers love the results and text her about how much they adore their hair.

She makes sure to take videos and photos of her customers to give potential clients a glimpse of her work.

Williams started getting into hairstyling by first experimenting on herself. After that, she got so good at it, she started doing it for friends and family, and soon it flourished into a business, which began formally last year.

Her goal is to build a boutique so she can sell quality hair and is in the process of searching for the best vendors.

For Williams, word of mouth is the best advertisement. She feels that if you have a good reputation and people are talking, others will be interested. Quality is essential to her.

Williams joked that she got inspired when her mom refused to do her hair anymore.  She didn’t know how to do anything, not even how to braid her hair, but she knew she liked wigs.

Williams would have her cousin put wigs on her and observed the process closely. Little by little, she would put them back on herself. As she honed her skills, she eventually started putting them on with brand new lace.

At that point, she knew it was time to start a business doing what she loved and was good at. In Nov. 2019, Slayed by Blue was born, and since then, Williams hasn’t looked back. She clearly has a passion and a talent for making women look and feel beautiful!

One-on-one classes:

Beginning in late October, Williams will offer personal classes.  One-on-one classes are recommended if you have a tight schedule. The class will include bleaching the knots, plucking the lace, customizing the lace, and color blending to ANY complexion. Classes can be arranged Monday-Friday in two-hour blocks from 10-6 p.m.

Price: $250 (for a 2-hour private class)

Small group classes (3-5 people):
How to Customize Lace (pluck, dye-watercolor method, transparent/HD)
Classes will be on Sunday afternoons 3-6 p.m.
$250-300 (more to learn how to lace installs)

Contact Information:

Facebook: Imani Williams
Instagram: @slayedbyblue
Phone: 323-483-2017

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