Prayer changes things


Praise the Lord everybody for truly the Lord is worthy to be praised! What a mighty God we serve. Our God is awesome. I was sitting here in my office and once again my mind took me back down memory lane. As I set reflecting on just how good God has been to my family and me, and how He has continuously brought us through the storm and rain, heartache and pain, my heart filled with unspeakable joy and glory.

For me, the evidence is undeniable. Good is good and when we go to Him in prayer He changes things. No matter what I go through in this life, good or bad, I make sure that I am praying throughout the situation. The bottom line is prayer will change your life.

There are so many testimonies that I can share with you that will blow your mind of how God moved when I prayed. I encourage you to get a copy of my book, “I Am The Lord That Healeth Thee” and you will see how prayer saved my life.  All I can say is, “God is good” and prayer changes things.”

I promise you that if you look back over your life you can see how God has blessed you when you truly prayed with a pure heart. You will see the battles you have won when you prayed and the Lord moved. However, what can often happen along the journey of life, is Christians start slipping in their prayers.

Now, I am sure you realize that the devil does not want you to pray. He knows that God hears and answers His children’s prayers. He knows the power of God is released in your life when you pray. This is why the devil tries to fights you, discourage you, and distract you when it is time to pray. But don’t let him succeed. If you are lacking or slacking in your prayer life, take authority over the devil and get back into prayer.

God is waiting to hear from you and to bless you. It is in prayer that battles are won. But to win these battles of life, you cannot run to people, you must run to God in prayer. In prayer bodies are healed, marriages are restored, and lost loved one’s come back home. You name it, and I can assure you that in prayer it can and will be done.

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