Scents by Sweet Luxury Body & Candle Co.: Handcrafted with love and good intentions

At Scents by Sweet Luxury Body & Candle Co., Swidish Blaise McCray provides the finest quality handmade products, such as different kinds of body butter, body scrubs, sprays, candles, and more.


ST. PETERSBURG — Swidish Blaise McCray was in a rough place. She was going through a divorce and needed to find a way to deal with anxiety and depression that threatened to take over.

“I started a spiritual journey with crystals and herbs, trying to find an alternative to medicine,” she explained. “I started making candles and experimenting. I did a lot of research.”

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That research gave McCray the courage to begin making candles, oils and bath salts, trying to find the right mixture to heal her soul. Along the way, she began sharing what she was creating with family and friends, and they realized she had something special.

“They encouraged me and helped me realize that I could sell what I was giving away,” the 41-year-old said.

In early 2021, she decided to step out on faith and started her business, Scents by Sweet Luxury Body & Candle Co. She specializes in spiritual baths, candles, oils, bath salts and body butter. Her spiritual products are meant to symbolize a cleansing.

“It’s about bringing new things into your life,” McCray said. “And it has just evolved into a whole business.”

She has several items that have become very popular, including her body scrubs. While making everything she sells, McCray tries to ensure that when she creates, she is in the right headspace to make the best product possible for her customers.

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“I never make a product when I am not in a good place,” the entrepreneur said. “Whether they are spiritual or non-spiritual items, energy is everything. I can get lost in making products; it’s my passion. It’s meditation for me — my happy place.”

But while she loves her work, the grandmother admits that owning her own business while working full-time can be challenging.

“Being a small business owner can be hard. You do it because you love it, but you pour so much into it while still working your regular job on top of it,” stated McCray. “You are trying to invest in the business, and sometimes you don’t see the turnaround you need to see or the results you want. It can be disheartening, but you have to remember that there was a time that you did this and didn’t make any money.”

Even though there can be tough days as a business owner, McCray wouldn’t give up on her dream, especially when her customers tell her how much they love what she has created.

“It’s so rewarding: reactions from my customers and the people who buy the products,” she said. “When they send me a message telling me how much it helped them, it makes me feel like I am doing it for a reason.”

Remembering her why is what keeps her going, and that’s the advice McCray would give to anyone starting a business.

“Don’t talk yourself out of something that could potentially be the first day of the rest of your life,” McCray asserted. “Find a place like the Saturday Shoppes and someone who can be a mentor and coach who can tell you some of the things you might face. But don’t talk yourself out of it; it could be the best move you’ve ever made.”

To learn more about Scents by Sweet Luxury Body & Candle Co, visit or drop by Tropicana Field or one of the many markets Saturday Shoppes offers throughout the month to buy some candles and oils. While you’re there, visit the more than 1,000 vendors as they sell their wares.

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This story is part of a series highlighting small business owners participating in the Saturday Shoppes, an initiative creating economic development and opportunities for small business owners.

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  1. Shugg says:

    OMG I LOVE HER OILS , I have been purchasing oils a body butters from Ms McCray for at least 2 months now and I love it …

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