Peace of Greenz CDB at Saturday Shoppes

Juanita Boyd opened a cannabidiol (CDB) business, Peace of Greenz, after witnessing her cousin’s recovery from an accident when using the products. 


 Editor’s Note: The claims made by the business owner in this article are a result of her own personal research; she is not a doctor, and her views are not necessarily those of The Weekly Challenger.

ST. PETERSBURG — Some might say with Juanita Boyd’s background, she would be the last person interested in opening a CDB, or cannabidiol business.

Boyd, who retired from the sheriff’s department, said she believes in the product’s benefits after an accident left her cousin in search of natural remedies for her neck pain.

After witnessing the results, her cousins and sister decided to start their own CDB business three years ago.

“We decided to focus on how it helps with easing pain and helping with anxiety,” Boyd said. “It also helps with sleeplessness.”

While it may be hard for some to believe, her time in law enforcement gave her a different perspective on the product.

“The people I encountered weren’t bad people; they just needed help,” explained the entrepreneur. “I really gave it a lot of thought. It took me over a year to decide, but I felt like people needed some help. People can’t always pay for some of the prescriptions, so this can help ease aches and pains and inflammation in their joints.”

Today, Boyd runs the business they named Peace of Greenz on her own.

People can find topicals, gummies, natural juices, infused honey, roll-ons and hair products containing hemp that Boyd said will help stimulate the scalp and work well for people with natural hair.

Peace of Greenz also carries a shea butter line without hemp and soaps, and soon she will add bath balms. Boyd is making juice-infused honey soaps and bath salts herself.

“It’s all-natural,” the entrepreneur said. “I use pineapple, ginger and turmeric to help with inflammation.”

She said the infused honeys are becoming very popular, and the shea butter is a product that helps with eczema.

Boyd doesn’t have a medical degree, so she understands if some people may be skeptical, but she stands by the effectiveness of the products she sells.

“I am not a doctor, so I can’t say it’s a medical benefit, but I know it works,” Boyd stated. “Getting started in this business isn’t easy. You have to get your license through the Department of Agriculture; they have to see what you are selling, and they can come and inspect at any time.”

Along with getting the necessary licenses and insurance, Boyd spent time taking classes, researching, and learning all she could as she selected the products she wanted to feature.

Along with her research and licensing to start her business, she also took classes with the Saturday Shoppes. She said working with Shoppes founder Renee Edwards-Perry has been great for her business.

“I went to take Renee’s class, and things just grew from there,” Boyd said. “I’ve been moving ever since.”

For Boyd, starting Peace of Greenz is about more than having a successful business and product to sell. It’s also about wellness for her and the clients she serves.

“It’s giving wellness back to those who need it,” she said.

To learn more about Peace of Greenz, visit, or drop by Tropicana Field or one of the many markets Saturday Shoppes offers throughout the month. While you’re there, visit the more than 1,000 vendors as they sell their wares.

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 This story is part of a series highlighting small business owners participating in the Saturday Shoppes, an initiative creating economic development and opportunities for small business owners.

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