St. Petersburg Branch NAACP elections process

Maria Scruggs

The St. Petersburg Branch NAACP’s election process is underway. The branch has spent the last three years rebuilding the office’s credibility by directly taking on issues that pose a threat to the political, educational, social and economic equality of all persons, and to eliminate race-based discrimination while ensuring that the branch operated with both fiscal and operational integrity.

Specifically, the St. Petersburg Branch NAACP has not succumbed to plantation politics that has historically compromised the integrity of the organization. We have ensured that our fiscal house was in order by subscribing to generally accepted accounting principles and practices. We have had two audits that confirm we have been great stewards of the resources bestowed upon us.

The work of the St. Petersburg Branch NAACP has accurately and consistently been documented to ensure that their operations have been in line with the mission of the NAACP and not the agenda of any one individual. It has been led by a strong executive committee that has ensured their active attendance and engagement in the work and has never had to cancel an executive committee for lack of a quorum.

The general membership meetings have consistently experienced 30 to 40 members in attendance, even in bad weather. This speaks to the commitment of all that understand the relevance of the NAACP and the need to be present. They have also actively participated and attended quarterly meetings and participated in required training.

The St. Petersburg Branch has taken great pride in ensuring its compliance status with both the Florida State Conference and the national headquarters. The upcoming election process and those participating in it must continue to mirror the work and integrity that the branch has experienced over the last year.

The process must be consistent with the NAACP bylaws to ensure transparency and compliance, and those wishing to run for office must personally assess their commitment to continue the work.

Please find below the schedule for the Oct. and Nov. meetings:

Oct. 23 general membership meeting

  • Nominating Committee presents its report after nominations received from the floor. Secretary must certify candidates nominated were active members of the St. Petersburg Branch by April 1

  • Election Supervisory Committee shall be elected. Questions of eligibility must be resolved by the end of the Oct. meeting

  • Anyone wishing to be nominated for office must have been an active member by April 1

  • Anyone wishing to be nominated must complete a NAACP Candidate Consent Form

Nov. 27 general membership meeting

  • Secretary must determine the number of eligible voters prior to voting. Votes tallied after election and winners declared

  • Polls must be opened for a minimum of 4 hours

Please note that pursuant to Article IV. Section 2 [a] Effective Membership in the Branches, Youth Units, and Authorized Committees:

The effective date of Membership in a Branch, Youth Unit or Authorized Committee is the date membership payment is received by the Branch (Unit 5130) either at the meeting of the General Membership or of the Executive Committee of the Unit; by the Unit Secretary; or by the Unit Office if there is one. In the event the national office receives a membership fee from an individual who has indicated a desire to be affiliated with a specific unit, the national office will notify said unit that the membership fee has been received and at the same time transmit the membership fee to the unit. In such a case, such membership shall be effective upon receipt by the unit of its share of the membership fee from the national office.

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