The Rejected

BY REV. DORAL PULLEY, Today’s Church Tampa Bay

“The stone which the builders rejected the same is become the head of the corner (Matthew 21:42).”

Affirmation – We are all spiritual beings. I see each man as my brother. I see each woman as my sister. I see every child as my child.

Some people are generalists and are called to meet a wide variety of needs for diverse types of people.  Some examples are your Primary Care Physician or Internal Medicine Doctor and Jesus, our Wayshower. Others are specialists and they are called to target their energies and efforts to a specific group with specific challenges. One instance of this concept is your Primary Care Physician referring you to a Specialist to deal with a condition. Peter who was called to the Jews and Paul who was called to the Gentiles are Biblical examples of specialized Wayshowers. (Acts 9:15).

Philip, who represents power, was a Wayshower to those who were rejected and marginalized by society and other groups of people. He was a Wayshower to the Samaritans and preached the good news to them (Acts 8:1-40). The Samaritans were a mixed breed of Jews. They were the product of Jews intermarrying with Gentiles and as such they did not fit comfortably with either group.  In addition, Philip was a Wayshower to Simon who was known as a sorcerer. While other people ostracized Simon because of his profession and religious beliefs, Philip saw him as a spiritual being and ministered to him. Philip was also a Wayshower to an Ethiopian eunuch. Philip did not allow their physical differences in color, race, or sexuality to separate them. He saw his oneness with the man and lovingly answered his questions about the scriptures. Their divine nature was their common bond.

One of the keys to your calling is compassion. You know to whom you are called to serve because your heart is filled with compassion for a person or specific group of people. You notice their issues and seek resolution. You see their obstacles and you desire to help them overcome. Open your heart and allow your love to flow. That’s what Wayshowers do!

Reflection Question – What type or groups of people unlock your compassion?

Rev. Doral Pulley is the senior pastor of Today’s Church Tampa Bay, 940 5th Ave. S, St. Petersburg (Staybridge Suites) and 5107 North Central Ave., Tampa.

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