Breaking the Cycle

Praise the Lord.

I thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for allowing me to see great days and helping me to start a new chapter, new novel in my life.

That being said, I can’t sit and just not say anything about the two topics I’m about to discuss.

So, apparently there has been an uptick in the number of positive tests in Florida. And this increase happens to be from, let me get this straight, the healthiest and most active group of people probably on the planet, young people from ages 18-25.

Ok, did they just decide to come in and get tested, the group of people we can’t get to pull their pants up, clean their rooms, turn their music down or accept responsibility for their own actions. This group?

Let me be clear, I believe COVID-19 is real; people are contracting it and dying from it, etc., etc. The numbers game I’m not 100 percent on board with.

Question, has our government ever lied to us about anything? Have they lied more than once? Are they still lying to us now? If you don’t know these are rhetorical questions because we all know the answers don’t we.

This is a very serious matter and I had one white middle-aged man at the golf course say it probably won’t be over until after Nov. 4. I’ll just let that marinate.

I love my country and ain’t going back to a place I’ve never been. I’m indigenous and have the research to back it up via my baby girl and her hubby who actually do it for a living.

Just be safe, smart and most important, prayerful.  Be mindful that saying you’re a Christian doesn’t necessarily make you one.  Becoming what you say means actually practicing and doing what is required to obtain such.  Not my subject this week but I will get into it soon.  Gonna make some new frenemies with that one.

One of the legends in the sporting arena has transitioned, Gayland “Coach Gee” Boyd.  I love this sister and I told her many times so she knew it was genuine. I felt honored to have met her and got to know her, the true essence that made her Coach Gee.

I would venture to say I’m probably one of a very select handful of Black men that got to know this side of her cause she didn’t really trust many folks period.

Many of you all never really truly knew this sister’s true heart and how much her whole life was for our youth, totally selfless.

Everything she did, every breath she took I believe was directed towards helping as many kids as she could to get to the next level, athletically as well as academically.

Gee didn’t just talk the talk, she walked the walk and the one thing most held against her was if she felt you were fake, she would not hesitate to tell you to your face you were a fake.

I worked with her on that and I know I made a difference because I saw her defensive walls with me disappear.

When I saw that Ashton has to create a GoFundMe page I was moved and upset at the same time because I just knew she had these things in place.  I guess her love for others took so much of her time that she didn’t think this time would come so soon.

The part of this that has me totally infuriated is my wife told me that the page was taken down but before that happened the goal Ashton had been requesting was achieved.  It was $10k and the last I checked it was like $5,500.

In the 30 plus years I have been in this city, I’m almost 99.999999% sure no other coach in this area has put more kids in college, no Black coach in no sport in Pinellas County.  PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong, and don’t tell me, show me evidence.

That would make Coach Gee a legend in south St. Pete.  You people are what the bible refers to as a stiff-necked, harden-hearted people, only if I’m wrong about the GoFundMe results.

This area has several professional athletes and for that goal to not have been met the week Ashton posted it to me, is shameful.

I will be helping myself and if we hadn’t moved back in May, it would have been more.  This young man reached out to a community that I’m sure he thought wouldn’t let him down and you all did miserably.  Again, I pray I’m wrong but as of me writing this the info I have says I’m not.

2 Chr 7 is a passage of scripture I always tell folks that it’s not applicable to Gentiles, which I believe we are; however, the detailed, conditional declaration God makes is so clear, concise and to the point that you couldn’t mistaken it.

Some preachers have polluted it, watered it down, sugar coated it and made it to seem like noting more than a tagline or a soundbite for every closing sermon.  I make this point because God declares that you have to be His people CALLED by His Name and that disqualifies millions off rip. Again, not my subject this week, but…

Remember how I discussed being a Christian earlier doesn’t mean you are just because you say it, but that your actions should say you are.  This is the most unchristian action I have witnessed since being here.  And if this is what you call being a Christian, I don’t want it, you can keep it.

Religious vs. Spiritual.

As a Bishop, I will call you out and challenge your words always.  I see your actions and I know your deeds, just as Revelation discusses the seven churches and judges them one by one.  WOW!  Thank you, Jesus. I just got my new assignment for the next few weeks.

Till next week,


Bishop Dr. Robert L. Harrison, Ph.D., DD

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