Think like a woman – act like a lady



“Sugar and spice and everything nice; that’s what little girls of made of…”

When little girls grow up being enveloped in a healthy family environment, she will think like a woman, yet act like a lady. She’ll become an elegant and good-hearted person who uses her femininity in the most dignified and endearing way possible for herself and others. She will attract men who want to please her and respect her because of her refinement and gentle manners. Her confidence lies in the authority given to her by her LORD, father and her mother.

One kind of woman in the bible is ‘Huldah,’ the wife of Shallum [2 Kings 22]. During King Josiah reign, he began restoring the Temple. He wanted to know if the scrolls he found were the true word of God. He sent for Prophetess Huldah to confirm them. They were and she did. A spirit of repentance, holiness and purity filled that entire nation. Her husband was the king’s butler, and lived in the king’s palace. She had her own home, ministered to women and ran a school for prophets.

God anointed Huldah to teach the revelation about His love for them from the laws He gave to Moses. This can only be acquired directly from God’s Holy Spirit. You should get all the educational knowledge you can contain; but wisdom and understanding can only be obtained by revelation. Revelation is received when women such as Huldah and others, totally submit to God’s will, way and purpose.

However, reality teaches us that too often sweet, innocent little girls are sometimes mistreated, misused and abuse at an early age. They are left struggling to grow up as a wounded, rejected and confused little girl morphing into a woman’s body.

Sistas, please hear and embrace the remainder of this message. In trying to figure out who you are and what’s your purpose in life in the midst of all your bumps, bruises and deep valleys, you’ve had to travel to get where you are today. Accept the reality that there are whorish, brutish, odious, deceitful, lying and crafty women. Some brand themselves as “divas,” which means “a god.”

Accept the fact that you are here today to prove how much you are loved by the one who watched you grow while you were in your mother’s womb. God provided, protected and pulled you through some tough times. He nourished, healed and delivered you because you are precious to Him.

Therefore, don’t let anyone redefine who God has said you are. He is still watching over you. Everything you need, His hands have already provided. Believe that God is who He says He is. Your confidence cannot be in a man that didn’t create you. No human being should be first in your life. Just Jesus!

The woman at the well who had five husbands and was living with a man who wasn’t her husband fell victim of the then male dominant societal collective ignorance of the knowledge of God’s intent for His laws. They had no revelation.

Only the husband could divorce his wife and for any reason. The wife couldn’t divorce her husband. If the husband didn’t give his wife a “bill of divorcement,” she could not marry again. Jesus understood how this woman was misused by at least five different men. None of which gave her the freedom to lawfully become another’s man’s wife.

During that day, some men took advantage of women who no longer had the covering of her father or husband’s house. Perhaps, the suitor of the woman caught in the act of adultery had bragged to his boys that he could have her. To prove his point he set her up, invited them to witness his heinous act.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the man she was with was amongst the crowd when they took her to Jesus for judgment? She didn’t have a proper covering of a father or husband. Jesus wrote something in the sand that made them scatter [John 4]. I say to all my sisters and brothers: treat God’s daughters like a lady. Woman, stop acting like a girls; put away childish things. Accept your pardon. Think like a woman but act like a lady. Yes! Jesus died for women, too.

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