What do you do with a dead situation?


I remember on one of my radio broadcast the Lord gave me the topic “What Do You Do With A Dead Situation”?  Once again this morning I am thinking about that topic as I write this edition of the pastor’s corner. As a pastor, I cannot help but think about the people around the world that I talk to on a daily basis who are going through storm after storm, trial after trial, and they are feeling like their situations are dead. It’s as if their hopes and dreams have died in their arms.

Many make statements like pastor, “I do not know what to do in this situation”. In many instances the problem stems from church hurt, marriage disputes, relationship issues, or job drama. In other instances it involves finances and other times it’s concerning family members and friends. But, regardless of the source of the problem, the common them is they feel like there is no hope.

So many of the people that I talk to have been fighting the problem for a long time. Now they’re tired of fighting, tired of trying, and they just want to throw in the towel. They want to give up. Not give up on God; but, they want to give up on the situation. For them, the situation is dead and it has died in their arms. The situation is lost and many believe life would be so much better if it all went away in a puff of smoke or simply disappeared into thin air.

In moments like this, it can be hard to even remember the good times or to even laugh a little. In these moments we are reminded of the devil’s desire to kill, steal and to destroy everything good and godly in our lives (see John 10:10). The bottom line is the devil does not like you and he really doesn’t like me. But guess what? I don’t like him either and neither should you. After all, he’s a liar. He’s a deceiver. He will do everything in his power to make our situations appear worst. Dear reader, don’t believe the devil’s hype.

Here’s what you must believe – God’s good news. Even if your situation is completely dead, I know a man who is able to resurrect dead situations. I know a man who can speak one word and your situation will rise again, they’ll breath again. I am reminded of the Shunnimite women in 2 Kings. She did not have any children of her own, but because of how she took care of the man of God, God blessed her with a son.

However, years later one day her son’s head started hurting and unfortunately, later that day her son died in her arms. In that moment, her dream, her vision, her blessing, her miracle and her baby boy was dead. Now that’s what I call a situation going from bad to worst. She must have thought to herself “What should I do with this dead situation?”

To God be the glory, instead of giving up or having a wow-is-me pity party, she got herself together and took her dead situation to God. She went upstairs and laid him on the bed of the man of God. She made her way to the man of God who had spoken the child into her live and knowing that her child was home dead, she never told anyone even her own husband. When people ask her how she was doing, she always said “All is Well.” Good God almighty, that’s speaking life into a dead situation!

To make this short, when the man of God got to the Shunnimite woman’s home and saw the dead child, he shut the door and begin to pray unto God. The Bible says he laid himself on the child and soon the boy’s body came warm and then the boy sneezed. The man of God then called her in the room and gave her, her living child. That’s what I call God moving in a dead situation.

That’s what I call God performing a miracle in the devil’s face. The Shunnimite woman took her baby. Now, can you imagine how happy and blessed she was? Can I hear you shout, Glory!

So what do you do with a dead situation? What do you do when your blessings die in your arms? Dear reader, you take them to Jesus who is able to do anything but fail. As the songwriter said, “It’s no secret what God can do. What He’s done for others, He’ll do the same things for you.” Trust Him, He is more than able.

Stay focused. I pray that you were encourage and enlightened by this message from the pastor’s corner.

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