What kind of man are you?


God is always mindful of you.  What concerns you concerns God and He’ll be there for you. He gives you brand new mercies every day.  He loves you so much that He paid the penalty for your sins. He made you righteous just so you’ll love Him back and love others as yourself. And if you love Him, you will obey Him.  God is truly amazing.  So the question remains: what kind of man are you?

Let’s see, the first man was created in His image and in His likeness, with God’s nature and character. He created the male MAN and Female MAN on the same day as a spirit being placed them inside of a body with a soul (mind, emotions and desire).

Male denotes the makeup of their God given sexuality. ‘Fe’ is a prefix meaning bearer of light and iron.  God blessed them and commissioned them to subdue, dominate and replenish the earth.  They blew it the same day they were created. God passed His judgment on both of them; curse Satan and cursed the ground [Genesis 3].  Then God rested.

He always establishes the end of the matter before the beginning.  He knew that He was going to give His only begotten Son, Jesus, as our Pastoral Lamb. His blood would seal every man spirit who accepted Him as their Savior and LORD until the day of their redemption.

Therefore, it is vital that we understand the Bible is not written in broken English.  If you are to understand it; you must keep it historical, cultural and contextually correct.  You must accept the reality that there are nine different meanings for the word “man” in scripture.  They are: HuMAN  Being:  [‘HU’-a gender-neutral prefix i.e. Genesis 1-3]. Male Man. Female Man.  Male child.  Man child. Lad.  Son. Husband.  Warrior.

More important than what kind of man you are is what kind of spirit are you?  We all are spirit being inside of an earth suit that our great God has chosen to live through us to proclaim the good news that Jesus saves. That God is no respecter of persons.  A spirit is what a spirit does.  What kind of fruit are you bearing?  Jesus has taught us that we will know each other by the fruit they bear.

The first institution God ordained was the family, which consists of a male man and a female man aka husband and wife.  Children are God’s gifts to the family.  God has deposit at least one of His gifts into the spirit of each human being so that He may use as it pleases Him for His good pleasure.

The second institution God ordained was a nation of people; the Hebrew Israelites that would willingly submit to His leadership as their King and LORD God.

The third and final institution God ordained on the earth was during the feast of Pentecost. Jesus laid down his life on the cross after declaring that “it is finished” there will be no more wars.  In three days, he rose from the dead it was the end of the conflict for gain or the loss of man’s soul. Satan was defeated and Jesus is LORD!

The only thing left for us to do is simply believe His affirmation and His promises to us. The Church/His Body was ordained. God gave unto the Church triumph gifts of people. First apostles, prophets, evangelist, teachers and pastors as officers in the body. [Ephesians 5:22]

So then, from now on we do not think or know anyone from a human point of view. Even if we did think of Jesus, our Messiah from a human point of view, we don’t think of him that way anymore. Because all of you are one in the Messiah Jesus, a person is no longer a Jew or a Greek, a slave or a free person, a male or a female. [Galatians 3:28]

When the Church becomes the visible voice of God in the earth. We will hear a distinct sound from Heaven.  Are you all in man?

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