Who needs the KKK when we have thug passion? Part 2

Dear Editor,

I know some of you might find my use of the term “thug passion” to be disrespectful and unfairly targeting today’s urban black culture, especially when this swag term is linked with repulsive organizations like the KKK.

How could I possibly compare the insects in white hoods that go around lynching black people with the insects in dark hoods that go around shooting black people?

Yes, I agree there is a difference between ropes and weapons of mass genocidal destruction.

The KKK and the thugs some of you rap about and actually worship have at least one thing in common: they have the blood of many innocent black people on their hands.

Thug passion is not just the name of a Tupac album; it is a mindset that says it is OK to point a gun at another black person if you feel you have been disrespected. Thug passion is hustling anyway you can even if it is illegal or immoral. Thug passion is not having respect for your race, your womanhood or your true manhood. Thug passion is not being a father to the kids you carelessly conceived.

Now maybe I got this all wrong! Forgive me please if I have mistaken your “show” for something it really isn’t. I am just going by the “I don’t give a care attitude” I see when I approach you on the street.

I see you wear your pants down and you say the worst vile things in the presence of your elders and children. I see your love of muscle and your hatred of knowledge that doesn’t promote criminal behavior. I see your anger instead of calmness.

I see the women who would rather have a fine thug who loves his homey, the street and prison more than he loves the mother of his children.

Even your jokes and greetings harbor terms of disrespect. No wonder it is easy to become so quickly enraged and kill when there is so much hatred for those who share the same color as you.

How can you love what you do not respect and honor?

About the KKK, they could not stand blackness either and that’s why they lynched it. Lynching in the United States mostly occurred after the end of slavery. Klan organizer said their purpose was to protect white southerners, especially white women, from northern sympathizers and newly freed slaves. Somehow protecting their own turned into intimidating and murdering thousands of poor black folks.

The Klan is a gang; the Klan are thugs and their “raps” are about hatred for black people and anyone who disagrees with them.

How manly and tough were these hooded guys with fire and horses must have looked to all those southern belles? Awe, so strong, so powerful and so exciting as they went to murder and spread grief.

Does this not sound like some other hoods we know today?

The KKK and other racist gangs have been reported to have murdered over 3,400 blacks over a period of 80 years. In 2012 alone, blacks killed over 5,000 blacks. Now white people do kill white people, but white men make up 35 percent of population and black men make up not quite seven percent.

Black men kill up to 50 percent of all people killed in the U.S. Most of these murders are black on black. You are much more likely to be killed by another black person than a Klansman.

How many more children like little Paris Whitehead-Hamilton have to die? Will you just shake your head when you read about how yet another man begged for his life before being gunned down in front of his kids, or will you just say “we’re living in the last days; those folks just need Jesus that’s all.”

The Bible does say there will be wars and rumors of wars, but I don’t think Christ was instructing anyone to jump into the earthquake zone to fulfill prophesy! People of good will still have a responsibly to do something to make the world a better place.

We can at least help and encourage. Stop bowing down to the false god of thug passion. You cannot hate your brother and love him too. Toss in some education and anger management too.

You say only God can judge you? Stop judging others with your anger and your gun. Walking away is better than a cell or a casket. Often fast money has long lasting results.

– Rivers-Cleveland

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