A passion for Divide and Conquer

Unisha Bullard


BY DEXTER MCCREE, Feature Writer

ST. PETERSBURG – Unisha Bullard has a heart’s desire to empower, impact and uplift people who have yet to realize the greatness that rests within them. It is a passion that she’s lived with for a while.

She reasoned that if the youth could envision excelling in academics and being diligent students, they would feel better about themselves and embrace challenges that would make them more productive.

Bullard, being driven by a desire to improve education in her community and being strong in math and reading, founded Divide and Conquer Tutoring.

“After the loss of my father and grandmother, family has become extremely important to me,” said Bullard. “Being that I have five younger siblings, the development of others is a key belief of mine.”

Unisha Bullard

Divide and Conquer is a private tutoring company that specializes in the subjects of math, reading and writing. They tutor students aging from kindergarten to college. The students are divided into small groups unless one-on-one attention is needed.

Aside from help with homework, students are challenged to improve their basic academic skills. Once they have a firm grip on the basic skills, they tackle higher level work such as algebra, geometry, trigonometry and college prep testing.

“Our success is measured by student improvements, which helps us to reach our overall goal of student achievement,” stated Bullard.

She feels that although we now live in a high-tech society, the basic skills of math, reading and writing can’t be minimized. Mastering these fundamental skills is essential for our youth being able to compete in the global world.

Bullard also has a passion to empower women and a vision to bring the “queens” of the community together to do something positive and uplifting.

“I especially want my younger sisters to know that there is no limit to what you can do,” she exclaimed! “We have to not only speak greatness into our little girls but also lead by example.”

She sees women as having significant strength in the community, but oftentimes lacks the support and respect they deserve.

“I knew that I wanted and had to do something. I just didn’t know what. I just knew that I was tired of being still and mute on a subject that meant so much to me,” said Bullard. “The thought of having 20 women come together to contribute and support one another is not only inspirational but it’s making a statement!”

Bullard is finally going for it! She’s planning an event to bring queens in the community together to do something positive and uplifting. She has partnered with a photographer that will provide 15-20 ladies in the community with a complimentary photo shoot to highlight their outer beauty, which she feels will also illuminate their inner splendor.

This is just the first of many events that Bullard plans to put together.

For more information on Divide and Conquer Tutoring, email Unisha Bullard at dnctutoring@gmail.com or call (727) 686-6030.

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