Acceptance 2018


Scripture Reference – Luke 10:38

All of us are children of God who are made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26-28), We are spiritual beings who take on human form.  Each of us manifest the Divine at a particular me, in a particular place and in a particular way.

Due to God’s unlimited creativity, each person is a designer’s original.  We are all unique expressions of the Christ and the Christ looks different on each of us.   Jesus Christ had a different relationship with his friends than he had with his family members and his disciples.  Mary and Martha were Jesus Christ’s friends and their home in Bethany was a safe place for him to express another part of his individuality.

Although they were sisters, Mary and Martha had very different personalities.  Martha was focused on the domestic tasks that made Jesus Christ feel at home.  Mary was focused on the social intimacy and conversation that made him feel welcome.  Martha wanted Jesus Christ to correct her sister and convince her to help more with the physical responsibilities around the house.

Jesus Christ accepted each of them for who they were and acknowledged their unique contributions. In order for us to be successful in 2018, it is imperative that we accept each person without judgment or comparisons.

Rev. Doral Pulley is the senior pastor of Unity Temple of Truth Church, 511 Prescott St. S, St. Petersburg.

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