Actions speak louder than words

Dear Editor,

I’m sure we are all familiar with the infamous video of mayoral candidate Paul Congemi giving the audience a true vision of the views of a white nationalist. With him making statements such as Africans obtaining their reparations in the form of Barack Obama, and informing us all on plane schedules to Africa if we do not want to deal with the crimes and injustices imposed on the south side of this town, he and Jesse Nevel certainly has taken the City of St. Petersburg’s mayoral election global.

One thing that was the question on everyone’s mind after the July 18 debate was regarding what other candidates had to say about Congemi’s statements towards Africans and receiving reparations, so should we start with candidate Rick Baker?

Baker began saying immediately after Congemi’s statements that what Congemi said wasn’t acceptable in 2017 and he doesn’t condone what he said. Now, this confuses me because if Baker doesn’t condone what Congemi said, then why does he tolerate gentrification?

Congemi’s statement was a response to Nevel’s platform, which he is clearly against, but if Baker said that he will not condone what Congemi said, does that mean he unites with Nevel and supports the platform of Unity through Reparations and genuine economic development for the black community?

Unfortunately no. You see, Baker was doing something called “pandering” to the black community when denouncing Congemi. If he was found saying nothing on the topic, it would look like he cannot handle the “hot seat” or he can’t think off the cuff.

He saw an opportunity to kiss up to the black community because he already knew that his name is not something positive in that community. The truth is that Baker is walking what Congemi is talking. Congemi may have said we can go back to Africa if we don’t unite with how the law is being handled, but Baker has actually done the orchestrating of gentrification in south St. Petersburg.

African families have been pushed and forced out of their homes in huge numbers ever since the election of Baker, which increases the homeless population by hundreds. So not only is Congemi a vocal threat to the black community, but Baker has been the reality of a threat to the black community.

Rick Kriseman chose not to say anything at the debate, but he spoke up afterward. He said that he wishes he’d spoke at that moment, but did not. The reason he wishes he did was because, just like Baker, it would have been his chance to pander and kiss up to the black community.

So if Kriseman wishes he’d spoken up against what Congemi said, does this mean that he unites with Nevel’s platform of Unity through Reparations and genuine economic development for the black community? Once again, no.

Kriseman actually is uniting with Baker’s pro-gentrification stance and has continued the stance of pushing Africans out of their homes and expanding the population of the homeless (just like Baker). So now we’re at a point where both Ricks have verbally denounced Congemi but are united with him in action.

In closing, both Ricks have united with Congemi and Congemi has exposed the internal opinions of white nationalists throughout the city of St. Petersburg. We cannot as a city have these candidates represent what it means to hold a position of power in a city government.

So, what will we do about these three candidates?

Well, Congemi´s statements were against Nevel and his platform, and if you are against what he said, voting for Nevel on Aug. 29 is the natural solution to these parasitic options to represent you, the people, in this election season.

Vote Jesse Nevel to be your mayor for the City of St. Petersburg and vote for Eritha ¨Akilé” Cainion to truly bring change to this city!

Iniko Kitemoma

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