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ST. PETERSBURG –When you have older siblings, oftentimes your parents compare your academic performance, conduct and athleticism. There is the expectation that the path the older sibling has blazed is the road map for the others. If the path was not so straight, then it becomes a cautionary tale of what happens when you veer.

For Timothy Andrew Johnson II, this is what his life has been like. He has had to compete with his sister making sure that his grades and performance were always excellent. Is it mounted pressure? Maybe, but this is the way that it is.

Born to Nicole Davis Johnson and Timothy Johnson Sr., Timothy grew up in St. Petersburg and has lived here all of his life. With the support of his family and teachers, he successfully graduated with the class of 2017 from Boca Ciega High School.

While in school, he played on the varsity boys’ basketball team. During his high school career, he was involved with the Pathfinders and Professional Opportunities Program for Students. By using knowledge and resources learned in these programs, he was able to motivate others and be a role model for younger children.

Throughout high school, he aimed to be the best on the basketball team. He remembers that magical night on the court when he scored 24 points in one half.

One of the biggest supporters is his dad who he says always uplifts him and make him feel confident. Another supporter was his grandfather, Herbert Davis.

 “I think my grandson Drew is a loving grandson; however, he is in the infancy state of his maturity,” said Davis. “I love him dearly and I am beyond proud of him.”

Not only did he have a great athletic career in high school, Timothy managed a successful academic career as well. Throughout his four years, he maintained a 3.15 weighted grade point average and received the Dr. Mac J. Williams Academic Achievement Award.

Having many people in his corner, he has been able to beat the odds. When an obstacle presents itself, he has his family to steer him in the right direction.

Timothy Johnson, featuredTimothy will be attending Florida State College in Jacksonville to major in fire science in the fall. With great hopes of being the fire chief in his city, he will surely strive to impress his fellow cadets and earn their respect.

Living up to family standards and following in a sibling’s footsteps can be challenging. Either you traverse the path that has been laid out for you or you make your own way. Either way, it is inevitable that all eyes will be on you.

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