Bishop Buzzkill Bob, part 2

Praise the Lord.

Now, I’m already prepared to watch my viewing numbers from the website link get smaller and smaller cause I have seen some numbers as high as over 8,000, but when I spoke on subject matters of a nature like this, only a few hundred view or read it.

That’s fine with me because as the scriptures state, am I to please man or please God, and well those that know me know I have never and will never be swayed towards pleasing man when I serve an Omnipotent, omniscient, and ubiquitous God that gave us all life.

Jesus told the disciples that you better get ready because just as they hated Him, many will hate us for His sake and I’ve been prepared for decades.

To the meat of the matter.

Several things or posts and videos have come to my attention since my last article and have somewhat sidetracked me but momentarily but they bear addressing.

One post was relating to the recent uprisings in the number of homicides and the post in and of itself I commented was comical.  I said comical only in the sense of who posted it and the nature of the posting itself.  Why do “religious” folks believe that you can live a certain lifestyle but when you see something germane to the community or you know or feel you will get a high level response from the people as though you are some super negro coming to rescue the neighborhood, you leap at that opportunity.  The reality is that you have been like a “church mouse” on Sunday morning for almost the past year and when a major story hits you surface like its groundhog day.

Look, at some point South St. Pete will have to come to the understanding that until there is a “SPIRITUAL” resurgence, not a ‘RELIGIOUS” play pretend make believe showing, these kinds of sorrows and unfortunate happenings with continue.

Again, this is not the first time in South St Pete that we have had this uprising.  There was one some years ago and the Mayor and Chief Holloway called all the clergy together to reach new solutions. Unfortunately, the “solution” wasn’t that we are fighting a spiritual battle and this is spiritual warfare and the ONLY way to combat spiritual warfare is with spiritual weapons that only come through a right relationship with Jesus Christ.  NO, mo money and mo programs wasn’t the answer back then and as we can see they won’t be the answer now nor ever.

The fact that most don’t believe in the true and living Holy Spirit because if they did, this would be the #1 focal point in the life of any TRUE Bible-based house of God.

To just talk and preach it but not put action to it by way of ensuring that no one in the house of God can hold any position until thay have obtained it the Bible way by evidence of speaking in tongues, not mimicking or uttering repeating babble, but speaking this heavenly spiritual language only God can give you as His gift.  No, its not just for certain spiritual leaders but everyone that completes the process as proclaimed in Acts 2:38.

But because they want to everybody’s most loved preacher, they will glance over or omit it totally from ever teaching on it and continue to shuck and jive and tap dance to make the folks happy and they will pay to see that.

And to use my best vernacular you ain’t seen no new growth or miracles lately have you. Wonder why?

Even though this passage was not directly given to us and many use it out of proper context, its applicable for this subject matter. 2 Chron 7 is the passage Im referencing. Oh how we can quote it verbatim but oh how we never obey it fully and completely.

Notice how humility is the first and foremost commandment prior to you going to your knees or going to Him for anything. Humility allows you to seek Him in your prayers but without following these simple instructions which are actually commandments from the Most High, you cannot spark Him to move on your behalf.

And your most talented and gifted spoken word preacher, no matter how eloquent they sound, all that they say falls on deaf ears if at all goes beyond the ceiling of the room they are in.

You expect miracles from Jesus but you don’t expect that this same expectation must be reciprocated in the form of honor, praise, TRUE praise and worship, not America’s Got Talent singing and dancing, and glorifying the One and Only True God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I stop here before moving on to a new train of thought as to not over feed you till you are stuffed.

Next week I’ll speak on the Zoom meeting we had with Chief Holloway regarding the actions they are taking regarding the homicides.

Till next week,


Bishop Dr. Robert L. Harrison, Jr.

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  1. Denise says:

    I have long said that the courts need to connect with the church as we can see their system of pat on the hand, given many opportunities but to no avail.
    The community needs to wake up and do something different. My Pastor always say the church is not doing anything but how can we when there is such a disconnect with lack if parenting and young folks who don’t value life. Bottom line is most of the wayward people don’t know God because if they did society would be different. Not sure if the Arthur of this article will see my post but I employ someone to reach out and let’s stop doing what we’ve been doing and do a new thing. Get to know God.

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