Breaking the Cycle: Bishop Buzzkill

Praise the Lord.

I guess from this point forward I will probably be known as Bishop Buzzkill.

I say this because I have never and will never be known for watering down or sugar-coating facts.  Again facts. Opinions, feelings, emotions have no business in the Kingdom of God when it relates to His Word and what He says we can or cannot do.

I’ve wrote on this some time ago, but the world as a whole has lost its God conscience. Simply meaning, most feel or believe that there are no consequences for their actions and lifestyles.

In my Bible study last week, I spoke some of the most terrifying words relating to this. Those words were, during the tribulation, God is going to take the shackles and handcuffs OFF Satan and allow him to have free reign to deceive the world.

Yes, deceive the world, even more than now. Can you imagine the ones that either are not even thinking about pleasing God or having turned away from God are now going to have to turn away from that which turned them from God in the first place and now turn to God.

My bad. I just realized what has taken place in the world and why things are the way they are. Folks, just like back in Noah’s days and Lot’s time, people have chosen new gods that will suit their own beliefs, ideas, and choices.

This way, there can be no consequences because their gods have informed them that there is nothing to fear because there is no hell or sin to consider and therefore nothing to judge.

So, the scriptures in the Bible, no wait, that is a book of judgment and end time condemnation for unrighteous, ungodly, and wicked folks so we cannot even mention that book.

Well, I will say this, had the Bible and the God of the Bible still have been in play and the things mentioned in the Bible were still relevant and true, then these few scriptures that I’m about to mention would have meant that the world, as a whole, is in some serious dreadful times.

I remember some time ago a pastor of ours preached a message, “You got what you wanted, but lost what you had.” This message could not be truer today.

So many believed going Democrat was the way to go with the past election and now that that has become a reality, they are looking at what is being pushed as the main agendas now and wondering how this could be happening.  I have been Democrat all my life but until recently in the past decades I have come to realize that it should never be about a political party but about Jesus more than anything else.

I proudly fought for my country in Desert Shield/Storm/Calm before, during, and after to be exact and I would do it all over again if I have to.  The reason I said this is because everyone has the free God-given right to vote or not as they choose and no one, especially one that has never dressed out in cammies, bdus, or whatever branch of service uniforms you were in and toted an M-16, locked and loaded.

I’ve come to learn that no matter who is the leader of this country, you have to accept that and everything else that comes with that.  So that being said, it matters not if I vote, and if I do, who I vote for.  The past few decades should have convinced you that it matters not.

Back to the main issue of if the God of the Bible and the Bible itself is in fact the true living Word of the Most High sovereign God of gods, Lord of Lords, then the scriptures or quotes from His Word have some quite earth scattering ramifications with regards to the lives us humans live if it is contrary to what is said in the Bible.

I know it seems I’m rambling but you have to please take your time and if you need to, stop and go back and reread it so that you can follow me and the point I’m making.  It will all come together as I start quoting scriptures but in the meantime, walk slow with me.

The most key point I need for you to get out of this is if you profess to be a child of God, a born again believer, a saint of God, a Christian, then you are subject to what the Bible says and whatever you do must line up with the Word or all you are doing is professing to be something when in reality your actions, choices, or decisions say otherwise and therefore are what most call a hypocrite.

If your actions violate scriptures, then you are either a sinner, backslider, or not a true saint of God and just a pretender attempting to fit in.  You can’t get offended if someone calls you to the carpet about your lifestyle or decision making when it’s against the very thing you profess to be.

There is no self-governing when it comes to the Word of God because He calls us to a higher level of understanding and obedience.  This is why so many outsiders challenge what we profess to believe because are actions don’t line up or we attempt to justify them when there is no justification, only consequences.

I always say if you feel as though you were grown enough to make the decision then you must be grown enough to accept the consequences of those actions.

Till next week,


Bishop Dr. Robert L. Harrison, Jr.

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